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New release of ProSimPlus HNO3, the reference in simulation of nitric acid production units

ProSim, the leading European process simulation software house, announces the launch of a new release of ProSimPlus HNO3, the software dedicated to the simulation of nitric acid production units and nitrous vapor absorption.

ProSimPlus HNO3 is a unique engineering tool designed to represent these processes, characterized by complex physico-chemical phenomena and industry specific equipment difficult to model. Flexible and relying on over 20 years of research and utilization in industrial context, ProSimPlus HNO3 allows to establish rigorous mass and energy balances and is used in design, plant operations, process optimization, unit debottlenecking or feasibility studies. Leading operating companies and engineering firms in the domain already rely on this software to design new process or revamp existing installations.

The new version results from a complete revision of the graphical user interface, from the implementation of Simulis Thermodynamics for the management of components and thermodynamic models and from the addition of new calculation methods.

The reworking of the graphical interface aimed at optimizing the readability of the process diagrams and the simulation results exploitation. In a particularly convenient and flexible environment, the user can easily structure the most complex processes, thanks in particular to text, shape or images insertions or to the possibility to create subflowsheets. Simulation results can be accessed directly from the flowsheet in popup tables, charts or in unit operations configuration windows.

Simulis Thermodynamics, ProSim’s software component is now implemented in ProSimPlus HNO3. Aside from an unmatched flexibility in the definition of thermodynamic profiles used in the process, this new module offers a full set of functions for the detailed analysis of the physico-chemical phenomena that can occur. In particular, transport and thermodynamic properties calculations on pure component or on mixtures can be accomplished in only a few clicks.

In terms of technical features, ProSimPlus HNO3 provides the user with a library of industry specific unit operations. It includes in particular different oxido-absorption columns or nitrous vapor condensers. Several of these modules were enriched with new options and calculation methods, allowing in particular to calculate equilibrium constants from Gibbs free energy or, in the case of columns, to visualize vapor-liquid equilibrium on each plate. Similarly, the kinetic oxidation of NO was improved to take into account the reverse reaction at high temperature and a new equilibrium constant and surface tension calculation service was added.

“Many developments we undertake arise from the intensive utilization of the software by our clients” explains Philippe Guittard, head of ProSim support. “Comments from users constitute the main source of inspiration to improve our software”.

The ProSimPlus HNO3 update will be delivered to the customers under maintenance agreement and is also downloadable at their convenience from the secured ProSim Support web site.

To view a list of all the enhancements, upload the attached pdf document.

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