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ProPhyPlus 2 for calculation of physical properties of fluids and their mixtures released

ProSim, the French software house, announces the release of ProPhyPlus 2, an advanced software for the calculation of physical properties of pure components and their mixtures over a wide range of temperatures and pressures

It quickly and accurately models thermodynamic and transport properties as well as phase equilibria of most fluids found in chemical, petrochemical, refining, oil and gas and other process industries.

ProPhyPlus 2 supplants Prophy Plus, one of the most popular software tools in the field, as a result of many additional features and of significant changes in the graphical user interface. Easiness of use, efficiency and accuracy are the key elements that led the developments. “The objective was to make ProPhyPlus 2 a convenient tool that engineers can easily use in their daily calculations” explains Alain Vacher, IT manager of ProSim, in charge of ProPhyPlus 2 development. “Emphasis was therefore put on the calculation possibilities but also on the ability to obtain and analyse results quickly and conveniently”, he adds. As a result, ProPhyPlus 2 combines innovative interfaces that ensure fast learning, convenience of use and exploitation of results with rigorous and proven calculation package.

With ProPhyPlus 2, engineers can calculate many physical properties on mixtures, including transport properties (specific heat, viscosity...) and thermodynamic properties (enthalpy, compressibility factor...). They can also calculate phase equilibria with a wide variety of rigorous flashes for liquid-vapour, liquid-liquid, liquid-liquid-vapour equilibrium (bubble and dew temperatures, bubble and dew pressures, flash at given enthalpy...) or liquid-solid (salt formation...). These calculations can be completed in no time, with only a few clicks.

ProPhyPlus 2 encompasses a large database of industry proven physical properties of industrially important components used in chemical process and equipment design, built upon AIChE’s* DIPPR© database and enriched by ProSim experts. Still, the creation of new components or private databases is made easy and flexible as the user can easily fill out the property fields or start from existing components and replace the provided data with his specific figures. Several useful tools have also been integrated to estimate pure components temperature dependant properties from experimental data regression or to calculate binary interaction parameters from group contribution methods. Furthermore, the NIST's** REFPROP reference database for refrigerants can be used seamlessly with ProPhyPlus 2 to take full advantage from both the accuracy of REFPROP for these components and the user-friendliness of ProPhyPlus 2.

An extensive library of property models, selected for their reliability and efficiency is available: SRK, PR, LKP, BWRS, NRTL, UNIQUAC, UNIFAC, MHV2, PSRK, Edwards, UNIQUAC electrolytes, ULPDHS, Amines, Sour-Water, Pure Water... These models can be fined tuned with additional parameters such as mixing rules, activity coefficients etc… to ensure the most complex systems can be represented accurately.

ProPhyPlus 2 also implements the standardized CAPE-OPEN interfaces ("Thermodynamic plug" and "Thermodynamic socket"). It generates “Compound Packages” (components properties) and "Property Packages" (components properties and adapted thermodynamic profile) that can be used with other simulation applications that are CAPE-OPEN compliant. Conversely, third party packages can be used in ProPhyPlus 2.

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* AIChE: American Institute of Chemical Engineers (
** NIST: National Institute of Standards and Technology (