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ProSim enters a partnership with DECHEMA to distribute the DETHERM database

ProSim, the French process simulation software house, enters a partnership with DECHEMA, the German Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, to distribute the DETHERM database and associated software.

The DETHERM database is the world largest factual database for raw thermo-physical property data (about 25 000 pure compounds and 100 000 mixtures covered) used for design and optimization of processes and plants. DETHERM includes the well known DDB for vapour-liquid and liquid-liquid equilibria, but also several other databases for azeotropic data, excess enthalpies, viscosities... These databases can be licensed as a whole but also separately. Furthermore, subsets of these databases for a particular application field (oil, alcohols, etc) are also available. DETHERM data are used by more than 450 customers all over the world and benefits from a strong reputation of quality in the chemical engineering domain. DETHERM software suite includes in particular DPP (Data Preparation Package) which is a powerful regression of model parameters tool able to simultaneously correlate different data types.

ProSim has agreed to promote the DETHERM database along its own process simulation packages and to leverage commercial synergies in the Europe region. "Many of our software users have significant interest in such databases and regression software, which coverage and reliability remains unmatched", explains Stéphane Déchelotte, CEO of ProSim. "Furthermore this agreement reinforces our positioning as a reference in quality thermodynamics which remains the heart of process modelling and simulation".

This agreement is the continuation of a long term relationship between the two companies that was materialized in 2006 by the coupling of ProSim's Simulis Thermodynamics (thermodynamic properties server) and the DECHEMA's DPP.

About the DECHEMA
The DECHEMA Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology is a non for profit making scientific and technical society based in Frankfurt on Main/Germany. It was founded in 1926. Nowadays it has over 5000 private and institutional members. DECHEMA's interdisciplinary work brings together scientists, engineers and technologists. The society is dedicated to the support of research, teaching and technological progress in chemical engineering and biotechnology. DECHEMA serves as a network for technology transfer between research and industry, especially SME's. DECHEMA is also the organizer of ACHEMA, which is the world's most important chemical engineering exhibition congress with more than 3.900 exhibitors and 180,000 visitors.
For further information visit DECHEMA's website at

About ProSim
ProSim is an independent company, founded in 1989, with its headquarters in Labège (Toulouse - France). The company provides state of the art simulation and optimization software that allows process industries to increase their efficiency and their return on investment. ProSim solutions are designed for applications in the chemical, the refining, the gas treatment and the specialties chemical industries as well as in the pharmaceutical, the food processing and the energy industries. Its activities also comprise engineering process consulting and custom software development.
ProSim solutions are used to improve process design, increase plant efficiency and reduce their impact on environment. Thanks to long term partnerships with major research centres and to substantial investment in R&D, ProSim continuously develops innovative software and has become a recognised player on the international market.
The success of the company comes from the efficiency and the robustness of the solutions and of the calculation packages it proposes, but also from the quality of the services it provides. The expertise and the know-how of ProSim personnel covers vast domains, including thermodynamics, physical phenomenon modeling, process simulation, energy integration, optimization techniques, numerical methods, software architecture, and GUI development.
ProSim is active in 55 countries around the world, with over 570 customers among which major actors like Axens, Air Liquide, Akzo Nobel, Alfa Laval, Arkema, Braskem, Ciba, Cognis, EDF, Linde, Pharmacia, Praxair, Schering, Sintef, Sanofi-Synthelabo, Technip, Total Petrochemicals, Uhde or Wacker.
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