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ProSim releases a major enhancement of BatchReactor, its software for simulation of batch chemical reactors.

Toulouse, France - January 10th, 2012. ProSim, which provides process simulation and optimization software to the process industries, announces the release of a completely new version of BatchReactor, its software for batch chemical reactors simulation. The new software combines detailed equipment modeling, reaction engineering, and advanced numerical methods to create a state-of-the art simulation environment for chemists and chemical engineers.

By providing a complete understanding of the production recipe, the new simulation software is a key element that must be integrated into any batch process development strategy. BatchReactor enables people from chemical, pharmaceutical or specialty chemicals industry to test alternative synthesis routes and new production strategies through effective use of simulation in parallel with their lab and pilot plant experimentations.

ProSim gives the chemical industry a new and improved simulation software for batch reactors that can be used at different stage of the process development. For instance: when designing a new process to easily find the optimal operating conditions; when implementing these conditions in an optimal way in the industrial unit for a safe, stable and effective production.

Users will appreciate the new intuitive graphical user interface which, on one side, eases the process visualization on a time-line and, on the other side, the integration of all the parameters to run the simulation. The manufacturing recipe (operating procedure) is visualized in a simple way with a view of the scenario (sequence of steps and stop events) and a diagram of each operating step, available on the same screen.
The software features a flexible and efficient thermodynamic package and relies on proven and efficient numerical methods. The thermodynamics is managed by ProSim's recognized physical properties and phase equilibrium calculation server: Simulis® Thermodynamics. Thus, the user has access to a complete set of calculations services (estimation of properties, private database…) and all ProSim thermodynamic models in addition to a wide library of more than 2,000 pure components.

BatchReactor includes also a standard equipment technology database (Simulis® Technologies) which allows the user to define and manage his own private technology database. The equipment can be selected in the standard libraries or can be configured. Every equipment (vessels, heat exchangers, agitators...) is associated with a set of parameters that accurately defines its behavior.
Furthermore, BatchReactor comes with various reaction models and a powerful kinetic fitting tool (Simulis® Kinetics) for the identification of kinetic parameters and heat of reaction from experimental data. Chemists and process engineers can thus choose a realistic reaction scheme to shorten lab and pilot plant tests, to obtain reactions rates and analyze the reliability of the kinetic model.

In conclusion, BatchReactor contains all the necessary tools an engineer needs to simulate his process without going thru time-consuming and expensive experimental analysis, reduce the production costs, respond to environmental or safety regulations, save time in scale-up phases and reduce the time to market of new products.