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ProSim supports a team of future engineers at the 17th edition of the 4L Trophy

ProSim, leading European process simulation and optimization software provider, is pleased to sponsor a team of future women engineers for the 17th edition of the 4L Trophy. The team of Clara Vrousos and Juliette François, two engineering students in their second year at the ENSIACET, will race for 10 days from February 13th to February 23rd, 2014, among over 1400 teams, traveling 6000 km for the 17th edition of the 4L Trophy.

A great adventure

ProSim is pleased to support in this unique adventure Clara Vrousos and Juliette François, two future women engineers from the engineering school, ENSIACET. The 17th edition of the 4L Trophy will begin on Thursday, February 13th, 2014 at noon with nearly 3,000 participating students. As the first solidarity raid in the world for those under 28 years, this legendary rally takes place in the famous 4L Renault car and covers 6000 Km between France, Spain and Morocco. The expected arrival in Marrakech is for February 22nd.

For Clara & Juliette, the adventure began with the search for the car, the sponsors, and the preparation of the car. With little previous mechanical knowledge, they learned from from local garages who have advised and trained them on spare parts and basic automobile mechanics.

Speed is not that important, but a good management strategy combined with precise navigation is required to win the challenge. The winning team will be the one that will have accumulated the fewest penalty points during the raid.

"A great adventure, to discover the world of desert, help children, and to meet other students. These are our motivations!" say Juliet and Clara.


A humanitarian project

Every year, crews load up their 4L with school and paramedical supplies to distribute to the poorest children in Morocco.  Each team is committed to bringing in their luggage a minimum of 50 kg of school supplies. Once in Fez, some of this material will be sent to the Moroccan League for Child Protection, as part of a partnership between the 4L Trophy and UNICEF. The remaining supplies will be distributed in schools and villages throughout the raid.

In 2013, with the help of the association "Children of the Desert", more than 60 tons of materials were collected during the previous 4L Trophy. The efforts and support of participants and sponsors have also led to the construction of 4 schools.

To follow the raid:

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