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Solutia Inc. selects ProSimPlus HNO3 for the optimization of its Pensacola Plant.

Solutia Inc., one of the world's few fully-integrated producers of nylon 6,6 from intermediates to polymers, plastics and fibers has selected the ProSimPlus HNO3 software to enhance the nitric acid production process in its Pensacola plant (Florida / USA).

Solutia operates a single Nitric Acid plant utilizing selective catalytic reduction (SCR) for NOx abatement. “We wanted to find a simulation software that was tailored specifically for nitric acid plants,” explains James Daniels, Team Leader of the Manufacturing Technology Department.

ProSimPlus HNO3 was specifically designed to address these types of processes. The software provides a specific thermodynamic package that includes a complete database of the pure components involved in nitric acid production and in nitrous vapours absorption, the appropriate property models, and the correlations for calculation of reaction or equilibrium constants. These unique features, that enable the user to quickly build up an accurate simulation, have led Solutia to leave aside all other general simulation packages available on the market. As the objective was to be operational as quickly as possible and there was no time to be spent on the modelling of the complex chemistry and thermodynamics that occurs in the nitric acid manufacturing process, the choice was quickly made.

When evaluating the software, Solutia’s process engineer responsible for Nitric Acid Technology modelled the existing process in order to validate the simulation results. “The comprehensive chemistry, the ease of use and the flexibility to model many different design scenarios convinced us of the capabilities of the software” adds Daniels. The choice was also supported by the proven track record and reputation of ProSim, in particular in the nitric acid industry.

About Solutia

Solutia Inc. uses world-class skills in applied chemistry to create value-added solutions for customers, whose products improve the lives of consumers every day. Solutia is a world leader in performance films for laminated safety glass and after-market applications; chemicals for the rubber industry; specialties such as heat transfer fluids and aviation hydraulic fluids; and an integrated family of nylon products including high-performance polymers and fibers..
Solutia ... Solutions for a Better Life.
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About ProSim

ProSim is an independent company, founded in 1989, with its headquarters in Labège (Toulouse – France). The company provides state of the art simulation and optimization software that allows process industries to increase their efficiency and their return on investment. ProSim solutions are designed for applications in the chemical, the refining, the gas treatment and the specialties chemical industries as well as in the pharmaceutical, the food processing and the energy industries. Its activities also comprise engineering process consulting and custom software development.
ProSim solutions are used to improve process design, increase plant efficiency and reduce their impact on environment. Thanks to long term partnerships with major research centres and to substantial investment in R&D, ProSim continuously develops innovative software and has become a recognised player on the international market.
The success of the company comes from the efficiency and the robustness of the solutions and of the calculation packages it proposes, but also from the quality of the services it provides. The expertise and the know-how of ProSim personnel covers vast domains, including thermodynamics, physical phenomenon modeling, process simulation, energy integration, optimization techniques, numerical methods, software architecture, and GUI development.
ProSim is active in 55 countries around the world, with over 570 customers among which major actors like Axens, Air Liquide, Akzo Nobel, Alfa Laval, Arkema, Braskem, Ciba, Cognis, EDF, Linde, Pharmacia, Praxair, Schering, Sintef, Sanofi-Synthelabo, Technip, Total Petrochemicals, Uhde or Wacker.