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August 2013

 ProSim eNews
August 2013
In this issue:
- Exergy calculations in ProSim's environment
- Simulis Thermodynamics updates
- ProSimPlus updates
- Coupling of optimization software, ARIANE, with a data reconciliation software
- Minimizing energy consumption of processes with pinch analysis
- Simulis Thermodynamics available in Russian
Predictive thermodynamic models for the molecules derived from 
- Bernard Koehret, founder of ProSim, receives France's highest award, the Legion of Honor
- Software updates 
- ProSim's Alternative solutions make their way around the world

- Training calendar
- Conferences, trade shows ...
Exergy calculations in ProSim's environment
New features have been added to Simulis Thermodynamics, our tool for mixture properties and fluid phase equilibria calculations. In particular, the ability to compute exergy and its derivative. As Simulis Thermodynamics is the "core" of all ProSim software, these thermodynamic modeling enhancements are immediately available in the entire ProSim software suite.
Exergy, also known as "available energy" or "useful energy", is a valuable indicator when considering the reduction of process energy consumption. Combining the First and Second Law of thermodynamics, exergy is a valuable tool for analysis and design of new processes. In particular, in the context of sustainable development, optimization of existing processes or design of new processes with high energy performance, this concept has a growing interest. The exergy of a material stream is defined as "the maximum recoverable work when the stream changes from its current state (called "state process") to its environmental condition using a reversible process including only interactions with the environment."
New functions have been added in Simulis Thermodynamics to calculate the exergy of a stream and quantify its chemical and physical components.
ProSim is the only process simulation environment to allow this type of calculation, which makes it an ideal tool for the analysis of the energy efficiency of processes.
Simulis Thermodynamics updates
New thermodynamic models have been added in Simulis Thermodynamics, which is ProSim's calculation server for  thermophysical properties and phase equilibria calculations.
- VTPR: predictive equation of state approach by group contribution based on Peng and Robinson's equation of state.
- SRK Twu: model based on the Redlich-Kwong equation of state. Twu et al. developed a temperature-dependent alpha function for the attractive term of the equation of state to correlate the vapor pressures of pure components and also to extrapolate correctly to the supercritical regions.

- Associative models for Hydrogen Fluoride: can be used to well represent the compressibility factor evolution and fluid phase equilibria (vapor–liquid and vapor–liquid–liquid) with other fluorinated components.

- Soreide-Whitson: predicts mutual solubilities of brine and hydrocarbon mixtures with an equation of state at high pressure and temperature, including the effect of salinity in the aqueous phase.

- Wong-Sandler: mixing rules based on the expression of the free excess energy at given pressure and temperature.
ProSimPlus updates
Two new modules have been added in ProSimPlus:
- Heat pump module: unit for the simulation of the transfer of heat from one medium considered as a "transmitter" (supplier medium) to a medium considered as a "receptor" of calories. Depending on the direction of the transfer, the heat pump can operate as a "heater" (heat cycle) or as a "refrigerator" (refrigeration cycle).
- Stochastic optimization module (Genetic Algorithm): module capable of managing a maximization problem of multiple objective functions simultaneously (the interest is to treat for instance a bi-criteria problem). The user simply needs to define the "objective functions" of the problem, even if antagonistic.
Coupling of ARIANE, optimization software, with a data reconciliation software
Objective: to improve the steam network management and reduce energy consumption of an industrial site.
Solution: to implement the coupling between ARIANE, ProSim's online optimization software, and VALI, Belsim data's validation solution.
Results: the software platform became fully operational and ambitious expectations were met. The Total Normandy refinery site uses this tool daily to optimize the utilities production costs: a conservative project assessment showed that energy gains were significantly improved and most energy losses were essentially removed. Compared with the data of the 5 previous years, the expected gain exceeds 1M € per year due to the software integration. In addition, the impact of optimized electricty production, choosing alternative fuels, and the increased reliability of the site due to the extra attention paid to this complex entity of utilities production and distribution are considered major results.

Using these integrated software together means that highly valuable projects for utilities production, previously ignored, can now move forward and succeed.

«Optimizing the Normandy Refinery utilities production plant from reliable data: a winning bet with VALI ARI!»
Mariano DEL POZO - Head of Total Normandy Refinery Technical Department | Total
Minimizing energy consumption of processes with pinch analysis
Pinch analysis is a methodology for reducing energy consumption of processes by calculating thermodynamically feasible energy targets (or minimum energy consumption) and achieving them by optimizing heat recovery systems, energy supply methods and process operating conditions. It is also known as "process integration", "heat integration", "energy integration" or "pinch technology". Applying pinch analysis to industrial processes results in substantial financial savings.
Several software are available on the market to calculate the minimum consumption, draw composite curves and automatically design the ideal exchangers network. Such features are available in ProSimPlus. However, the implementation of this method requires expertise that only engineers who have conducted a large number of such studies have acquired. This is a typical example where the role of the engineer is much more important than the software itself.
ProSim, which began this activity in 1992, is one of the few teams that have been able to gain such an important experience. Since many years, ProSim engineers have been conducting numerous pinch analysis on different processes and in many industries, including industries that are not strictly speaking "chemicals" such as food processing, pulp & paper,… to improve the energy efficiency of processes and reduce the overall energy bills.

Our experience indicates that when our studies show a potential to reduce energy costs by 30 to 40% because all possible energy-saving approaches are considered, your engineers will implement the most convenient and easily implemented recommendations, and consequently the energy cost savings of 20% is achieved in reality. For an "average" industrial installation, this represents a savings of about 4t/h of steam, which represents an annual savings of approximately 800,000€  per year. The payback period for manufacturers who entrusted ProSim with pinch analysis of their processes has been shown to be very short.
Simulis Thermodynamics available in Russian
The Russian customization of the user interface was done with ProSim’s partner, NTP Truboprovod. Simulis Thermodynamics is ProSim’s calculation server for thermophysical properties and phase equilibria calculations on pure components and mixtures. It is available as a Microsoft Excel® add-in, a toolbox in MATLAB® or as a software component which can be easily plugged in to any other application requiring reliable and accurate thermophysical properties.
NTP Truboprovod is one of Russia's leading developers of CAD/CAE software and databases for hydraulic and heat loss calculations and strength analysis of piping systems, vessels and apparatuses. The company promotes and distributes Simulis Thermodynamics in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. To facilitate the use of the software by these markets, ProSim, and NTP Truboprovod, translated the graphical users interface. From now on, the new version of Simulis Thermodynamics will be available in English, French and Russian.
Predictive thermodynamic models for the molecules derived from biomass
The development of bioresources in the manufacture of chemicals is a major environmental, economic and geostrategic issue.
In order to provide some effective simulation tools for industrial companies, ProSim participated in the MEMOBIOL project (Molecular Scale Modeling for Lignocellulosic Biorefineries) that began in October 2009 and has just ended. It helped to develop predictive thermodynamic models to describe the physico-chemical behavior of oxygenated molecules with high added value issued from biomass.
Bernard Koehret, founder of ProSim, receives France's highest award, the Legion of Honor
Following the decree of the President of the Republic dated April 6th 2012, Bernard Koehret, Professor Emeritus of the INP Toulouse and founder of ProSim, was awarded the Chevalier of the National Order of the Legion of Honor during a ceremony held on January 15th, 2013. Created by Napoléon Bonaparte in 1802, the Legion of Honor is awarded by the French government to outstanding individuals.
Product Updates - Make sure you have the latest version!
> ProSimPlus : version 3.3.10 | release date: 19 July 2013 

> ProSimPlus HNO3 : version 3.3.10 | release date: 19 July 2013 
> Simulis Thermodynamics : version 1.4.11 | release date: 5 July 2013  
> ProPhyPlus : version 1.4.11 | release date: 5 July 2013 
> BatchReactor : version 1.3.6 | release date: 5 July 2013 
> BatchColumn : version 1.3.6 | release date: 5 July 2013 
> ProSec : version | release date: 5 July 2013 

Customers under our MUTS (Maintenance, Update, Training and Support) services agreement can download the product updates at any time from our website, free of charge.
ProSim's Alternative solutions make their way around the world
Since our last e-newsletter, many companies have joined the growing family of ProSim customers. Among them: Prospect Flow Solutions, SII, Egypt Hydrocarbon Corporation, Areva Renewables, Sanofi Chimie, Hera Amasa, Arol Energy, Eramet Comilog, Someflu, Papeles Cordillera, Polyexpert International, Mynah Technologies, S3D, Target Carbon, Sita BioEnergies, ...
It has to be noted that most of these new clients were using other software before switching to ProSim. We are also pleased to observe the spreading of our solutions and services throughout existing customers' departments and subsidiaries, with the acquisition of additional licenses or the conversion of local licenses into network licenses.
In total, ProSim has now 866 customers' references in 71 countries. Furthermore, 254 universities or public research centers around the world use ProSim's software to train their engineers or work on research projects.
Training calendar
You wish to strengthen your competencies in process simulation? ProSim organizes regularly several training sessions around its major areas of expertise. Common issues are covered and illustrated with case studies and applications with different software. It is also a great opportunity to interact informally with our experts and to explore new approaches in chemical engineering with ProSim's software users from other companies.
For your convenience, these scheduled sessions are included in our MUTS (Maintenance, Update, Training and Support) services agreement and can be accessed without any additional charge.
Conferences, trade shows ... 
> ANNA 2013 - Exhibitor
Benidorm, Spain - 22-27 September 2013
The event is an outstanding opportunity to meet with ProSim and view a demo of ProSimPlus HNO3 with an expert. For this year's edition, ProSim is part of the organization committee.
> SFGP 2013 - Presentations
Lyon, France - 8-10 October 2013
ProSim is part of the scientific committee.
ProSim is co-author of one presentation: 
"Using ProSimPlus, process simulation tool, for a more accessible approach of the the exergy analysis. "
and will be mentioned in two presentations:
"Bitter orange distillation: determination of key odourants then simulation of distillation."
"Ethanol Dehydration Process Simulation with GC-PPC-SAFT "
> INDIA CHEM 2013 - Exhibitor
Gujarat, India - 24-26 October 2013
Come and visit us at booth A4.3 to learn about our latest software innovations.

> AIChE Annual Meeting- Presentation & Exhibitor
San Francisco, CA - USA - 3-8 November 2013
ProSim will present 3 topics: "A New CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation Module for Simulation of Brazed Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers", "Exergy Analysis Within Process Simulation Software to Enhance Process Energy Management" and "Optimization of the Utilities Production in TOTAL Normandy Refinery Using Ariane Software"
Come & meet us at these events. If you cannot attend the presentation, contact us to receive the presented document.
To learn more ...
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