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December 2012

 ProSim eNews
December 2012
In this issue:
- New features in Simulis Thermodynamics
- The Total Normandy Refinery calls on ProSim to optimize its utilities production
- ProSim receives the CAPE-OPEN Award
- R&D project: COOPERE
- New Online Store
- Software updates 
- ProSim's Alternative solutions make their way around the world

- Agenda: training & events
New features in Simulis Thermodynamics
New features have been added to Simulis Thermodynamics, our tool for mixture properties and fluid phase equilibria calculations. As Simulis Thermodynamics is the "core" of all ProSim software, these thermodynamic modeling enhancements are immediately available in the entire ProSim software suite.
a) Thermodynamic models
i) PPR78: update of the model parameters that were obtained by fitting data phase equilibria and excess molar properties (excess molar enthalpy and excess molar isobaric specific heat).
ii) NRTL-SAC: new model available to calculate the solubility of solids in organic solvents.
iii) Extended NRTL: the NRTL equation (Non Random Two Liquids) proposed by Renon and Prausnitz has been generalized to take into account the dependence of the binary interaction parameters with respect to concentrations.
b) Pure component properties
i) Liquid density: addition of two new correlations, Yen-Woods and Rackett/Campbell-Thodos.
ii) Sublimation pressure: addition of two new correlations, Moller-Rarey-Ramjugernath and Neau-Garnier-Avaullée.
iii) Liquid viscosity: addition of the Andrade correlation.

c) Transport properties
i) Liquid molar volume: addition of the equation of Rackett/Campbell-Thodos.
ii) Liquid viscosity: addition of the Andrade correlation.
The Total Normandy refinery calls on ProSim to optimize its utilities production
The objective
In order to comply with the new consumption standards, Total is committed to improving its refineries' efficiency and competitiveness. In this context, the Normandy refinery asked ProSim to implement Ariane software in its production system.

The main objective is to improve the operation of the utilities plant of the Normandy refinery in order to reduce the global production costs.
The solution
To implement Ariane "on-line" in order to:
- optimize the on-site utilities production and real-time consumption system;
- highlight the potential benefits in order to suggest relevant operations..
The results
- Savings over 930,000 € for 2011.
- The total gains amount to more than 2.5% of the power plant budget (steam purchase and electricity).
- A global energy efficiency improvement thanks to a real-time follow-up of the refinery's electricity and steam production system.

« The energy efficiency of our site is a major challenge, and the collaboration with ProSim meets this challenge. The successful integration of Ariane on our site has already enabled us to make substantial savings. »
Fabien Joly - Project Manager Total

ProSim receives the CAPE-OPEN Award

During the CAPE-OPEN 2012 Annual Meeting, held in Lyon, on 19-20 September 2012, the CO-LaN (CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network) Board of Directors awarded to ProSim the "CAPE-OPEN Award" for its active use of standards and its ongoing support to the CO-LaN projects ( Malcolm Woodman (BP, Chairman of the CO-LaN) congratulated the ProSim representatives present at the meeting: Alain Vacher, IT Manager, and Stéphane Déchelotte, CEO.

The commitment of ProSim to CAPE-OPEN technologies is hardly new. Laurent Jourda, in particular, applied his expertise to implement the first concepts of the CAPE-OPEN in GLOBAL CAPE-OPEN R&D projects during the late 1990s. This expertise continues to be maintained and enriched within ProSim's development teams.  
The underlying concepts, such as interoperability and component-oriented software architecture have been taken into account from the beginning of the development of tools such as Simulis Thermodynamics (mixture properties and fluid phase equilibria calculations). This enables ProSim software to possess today an unmatched level of compatibility with CAPE-OPEN standards.
Photo: Stéphane Déchelotte (ProSim), Alain Vacher (ProSim) and Philippe Arpentinier (Air Liquide)
R&D project: COOPERE
Combining Process Optimization, Energy recovery and Exergy analysis for a better energy efficiency of industrial processes
In a global context of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions reduction and volatility in energy prices, energy efficiency investments for optimizing industrial processes often go through a complex and difficult decision making process. This project proposes the development of a software platform to simulate and optimize energy consumption of industrial processes, in the scope of simplifying this decision making at the industrial level. This platform will be based on a combination of exergy analysis, process energy integration and mathematical and numerical optimization tools, all targeted at minimizing the total cost and the environmental impact (GHG emissions) of the process.
In addition to the methodological development, this project proposes software development based on ProSimPlus. These developments will be tested at three industrial sites, to identify the benefits of the developed software and methodology in real-world industrial settings recognized by the engineering community.
ProSim's partners for this project are: Veolia Environnement (Limay), AgroParisTech (Massy), and Laboratoire de Génie Chimique (Toulouse).
New Online Store
ProSim online storeProSim launches its new Online Store.  
This Online Store has been designed especially for you: it is rapidly accessible from the main website, its use is simple and its online payment system is highly secure.
Our solutions for properties calculation of mixtures and phase equilibria, and pure compound thermophysical properties database are available immediately from ProSim's Online Store: Simulis Thermodynamics, ProPhyPlus, DIPPR L12 +.

 - Easy, fast and secure -

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Product Updates - Make sure you have the latest version!
ProSimPlus: version 3.3.3 | release date: 5 December 2012

ProSimPlus HNO3: version 3.3.3 | release date: 5 December 2012
Simulis Thermodynamics: version 1.4.8 | release date: 5 December 2012
ProPhyPlus: version 1.4.8 | release date: 5 December 2012
BatchReactor: version 1.3.3 | release date: 5 December 2012
BatchColumn: version 1.3.3 | release date: 5 December 2012
ProSec: version | release date: 5 July, 2012

Customers under our MUTS (Maintenance, Update, Training and Support) services agreement can download the product updates at any time from our website free of charge.
ProSim's Alternative solutions make their way around the world
Since our last e-newsletter dated September 26, 2012, many companies have recently joined the growing family of ProSim customers. Among them: Messier-Bugatti-Dowty, Siemens Turbomachinery Equipment GmbH, Total GEC-PGE, Vahterus, York International, Culham Center for Fusion Energy, LLC Yugtermialproekt, Oniris, ...
It has to be noted that most of these new clients were using other software before switching to ProSim. We are also pleased to observe the spreading of our solutions and services throughout existing customers' departments and subsidiaries, with the acquisition of additional licenses or the conversion of local licenses into network licenses.
In total, ProSim has now 866 customers' references in 71 countries. Furthermore, 254 universities or public research centers around the world use ProSim's software to train their engineers or work on research projects.

> Training Calendar
You wish to strengthen your competencies in process simulation? ProSim organizes regularly several training sessions around its major areas of expertise. Common issues are covered and illustrated with case studies and applications with different software. It is also a great opportunity to interact informally with our experts and to explore new approaches in the chemical engineering area with ProSim's software users from other companies.
It is reminded that these scheduled sessions are included in our MUTS (Maintenance, Update, Training and Support) services agreement and can be accessed without any additional charge.
> Introduction to Simulis components utilization - Simulis Thermodynamics | 11 March 2013
> Thermodynamic approach in process simulation - Simulis Thermodynamics | 12 March 2013
> Steady-state processes modeling and simulation - ProSimPlus | 13-14 March 2013
> Simulation and optimization of power plants - Ariane | 15 March 2013
> CAPE-OPEN main concepts and software implementation | 18 March 2013

> Batch chemical reactors modeling and simulation - BatchReactor | 19-20 March 2013

> Batch distillation columns modeling and simulation - BatchColumn | 21-22 March 2013

The number of seats is limited. So don't wait to register!
2013 Training calendar ...
> Events
> JEEP 2013 (Journées d'Etude des Equilibres entre Phases)- Presentation & Sponsor
Nancy, France - 19-23 March 2013
> ERTC Energy Efficiency 2013 - Presentation 
Bruxelles, Belgium -18 April 2013
ProSim, with Total will present: "Optimization of the utilities production in Total Normandy Refinery using Ariane software"
> AIChE Spring Meeting - Presentation & Exhibitor
San Antonio, TX - USA - 28 April, 2 May 2013
ProSim, Inc. will present: "Expectations and Responsibilities when Purchasing Process Simulation software: Working Together during the software sales cycle"
The event is an outstanding opportunity to meet with ProSim and view a demo of ProSim's software with an expert.

Come & meet us at these events. If you cannot attend the presentation, contact us to receive the presented document.
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