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January 2017


Booked contracts increased over 65% in 2016

The total value of accepted term contracts signed and order received by ProSim during fiscal year 2016 are up 65.6% compared to the previous year.
Over this period, many companies from Europe, North-America and other parts of the world have joined ProSim’s customers list. It is interesting to notice that many of these new customers switched from other suppliers of process simulation software to ProSim. Moreover, the use of our software among our long-term customers is progressing with new licensed sites, with the acquisition of other ProSim software, increasing number of licenses or moving from local licenses to network licenses.

"We have never seen such a progression before and it is very exciting for ProSim," said Stéphane Déchelotte, CEO of ProSim. "I feel that today many companies marked a turning point. After a serious review of our offer and in a context of cost cutting, they decide to turn to ProSim solutions. I also believe that this is the result of many years of efforts to develop competitive software, and the benefits of high standards we maintain in the quality of our services."

Modeling of Divided Wall Columns (DWC)

Divided Wall Columns (DWC) are an interesting innovation to improve the energy efficiency of separative processes by distillation. However, they are still too little used in the industry; due to a lack of experience when sizing Divided Wall Columns. The simulation of this type of equipment has long been possible in a process simulator such as ProSimPlus by splitting the divided wall column into 2( or4) interconnected "sub-columns". But this requires a correct initialization of the intermediate streams and knowledge of the parameters for each of the "sub-columns" (number of theoretical stages). Only a few methods have so far been available for this and none have been implemented in a process simulator.

Relying on the work conducted at the Laboratoire de Génie Chimique (LGC - by Professor Michel Meyer's team, a new dimensioning method has been implemented in ProSimPlus. This includes a short-cut method for simple distillation, where it is now possible to determine the main parameters of each of the 2 (or 4) columns in order to obtain the desired separation. The new SHORTCUT DWC unit operation allows you to size a distillation column with a separation wall, with a feed and three products: the distillate, the waste, and the intermediate sidestream. Specifying the recovery rate of the three key-compounds for each outlet stream and some operating constraints allows the unit operation to calculate a sizing by theoretical stages, and the initializations for the intermediate streams required for a rigorous calculation.

The rigorous simulation (plate by plate) of such columns with partition is then easy. The methods implemented in ProSimPlus have been experimentally validated using the pilot installation of the LGC.

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Scale-up of batch reactor with BatchReactor

The BatchReactor software has demonstrated its usefulness for optimizing the operating conditions of discontinuous chemical reactors, for conducting safety studies on such reactors, while controlling temperature and pressure, and also for scale-up between laboratory equipment, pilot plant and the industrial unit.
In order to further facilitate these scale-up phases, new functionalities have been added and, in particular, the possibility of performing an extrapolation calculation for a mechanically stirred tank:
        - Values of the characteristic variables (rotation speed, power ...) as a function of the invariant retained (power density ...).
        - New geometry taking into account the extrapolation factor (geometric similarity).
        - Extrapolation of gas supplies (surface velocity or constant vvm).
        - Calculation of vortex depth (in the absence of baffles).  
It is also now possible to define several identical agitators on the same shaft for a given number of the available mixing devices. The high-efficiency thin blade Chemineer HE3 propeller has also been added as well as the turbine with curved-blades at the turbine bottom (Pfaudler type).

These improvements were implemented in BatchReactor, and also in BatchColumn software (simulation of batch distillation columns) where the boiler can be a stirred tank

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Acid nitric industry: collaboration in process simulation between ProSim and Johnson Matthey Plc.

ProSim collaborates with Johnson Matthey Plc to allow nitric acid manufacturers to further enhance the performance of their plants.

Thanks to this partnership, Johnson Matthey will actively market and support the sales of ProSimPlus HNO3 software, while Johnson Matthey will be ProSim's exclusive catalyst supplier customer within the nitric acid industry. Both companies will collaborate in flowsheeting simulation work by applying their know-how and expertise in the nitric acid industry as a service for customers, aiming to resolve issues and optimise plant operations. Further joint developments in the catalyst modelling aspect of the simulation will also benefit operating firms and engineering companies.

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Ariane and CBE, utilities management software, now handled by Proesis

To better meet customer demand and further develop this "utilities" activity, ProSim has decided to put this business into a new company: Proesis ( This company is managed by Philippe Baudet and Fabrice Bonnet, who have spent time on the development of these software and have significant expertise and knowledge in these areas, allowing them to give a new impulse to this activity. From now on, Proesis will be your point of contact for Ariane and CBE software as well as for the associated services (training course, maintenance, on-line application…).

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New application examples are available on the website
ProSim is making these application examples available to you to demonstrate how our simulation solutions are able to handle the different processes encountered in the chemical industries.

With ProSimPlus:
- Operating balance optimization of a natural gas liquids plant
- Simulation of a FCCU main fractionator
- Simulation of a vacuum distillation unit
- CO2 capture using an amine solution
- Economic evaluation of a toluene hydrodealkylation process

With ProSim DAC:
- VTSA Process - Dichloromethane adsorption on an activated carbon
- TSA Process - Dichloromethane adsorption on an activated carbon
- Propane adsorption on an activated carbon

With ProSec:
- LPG recovery unit
- Simulation of a brazed plate-fin heat exchanger with ProSec CAPE-OPEN unit operation

Product Updates - Make sure you have the latest version!

Last release 16 December 2016 :

Software Version
ProSimPlus version 3.5.13
ProSimPlus HNO3 version 3.5.13
ProSimPlus Energy version 3.5.13
ProSec version 3.5.13
ProSim DAC version 3.5.13
Simulis Thermodynamics version 2.0.14
ProPhyPlus version 2.0.14
Simulis Pinch version 1.6.5
BatchReactor version 1.4.14
BatchColumn version 1.4.14

Customers under our MUTS (Maintenance, Update, Training and Support) services agreement can download the product updates at any time from our website, free of charge.

Training courses calendar
You wish to strengthen your competencies in process simulation? ProSim regularly organizes training sessions around its major areas of expertise. Common issues are covered and illustrated with case studies and applications with ProSim software. It is also a great opportunity to informally interact with our experts and to explore new approaches in chemical engineering with ProSim's software users from other companies.
Reminder: level 1 sessions are included in your MUTS (Maintenance, Update, Training and Support) services agreement, so that training sessions corresponding to the licensed software can be accessed free of charge.

The 2017 calendar is available here: link

You are not available during those dates? Please consult our On Demand Training Courses. All our scheduled training courses are also proposed as 'on demand' training: we can organize the course anywhere you want, on the date you want.

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>JEEP 2017 - Sponsor
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ProSim is sponsor of the awards for best poster & best technical paper.

Lille, France - 25-26 April 2017
ProSim will exhibit at the event. Join us to discuss about the latest developments in process simulation.
> ESAT 2017 - Sponsor
Bucharest, Romania - 18-21 May 2017
ProSim is proud sponsor of the 29th European Symposium on Applied Thermodynamics.

> Cutting-Edge Technology for Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage - Sponsor
Clermont-Ferrand - 24-27 September 2017
ProSim is sponsor of the awards for best papers. 
> WCCE10, ECCE11, ESCAPE-27, Expoquimia 2017- Exhibitor
Barcelona, Spain - 2-6 October 2017
ProSim will participate to these various events that will take place simultaneously in Barcelona and will exhibit with our Spanish partner, Zean Engineering.

Come meet ProSim at these events. If you cannot attend the presentation, contact ProSim to receive the presented papers.