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March 2014

 ProSim eNews
March 2014
In this issue:
- ProSimPlus updates
- Release of the 2.0 version of Simulis Thermodynamics
- ProSim DAC, dynamic adsorption column simulation
- A new DIPPR database
- Software updates
- ProSim's Alternative solutions make their way around the world
- Training calendar
- Conferences, trade shows ...
ProSimPlus updates
A new module has been added within ProSimPlus:  the generalized heat pump unit operation is a unit for the simulation of heat transfer from one medium considered as a "transmitter" to a medium considered as a "receiver" of calories. Depending on the direction of the transfer, the heat pump can operate as a "radiator" (heat cycle) or as a "refrigerator" (refrigeration cycle). The generalized heat pump unit operation benefits, compared to the simple heat pump unit operation, are the following ones:
                    o reduction of the compressor discharge temperatures;
                    o possibility of very low evaporation temperatures;
                    o increased efficiency of the thermodynamic efficiency of the machine.
Moreover, some modules are enhanced with new options:
Plug flow reactor: two-phase calculations (vapor-liquid) become possible.
Generalized heat exchanger: efficiency calculation for cross-flow heat exchanger can be calculated.
Liquid-liquid extraction column: addition of new profiles in the column plots.

To learn more ... 
Version 2.0 of Simulis Thermodynamics
Major new features:
- Can be used within 64-bit applications (Excel, Matlab ...) which are progressively installed in companies and also within applications embedding Simulis Thermodynamics that you may have developed in 64 bits;
- A powerful pure-compound physical properties prediction tool for molecules which are not in the database or with few measured properties;
- An automatic splitting of user added molecules into appropriate functional groups for the predictive models available in Simulis Thermodynamics (various UNIFAC, PSRK ...);
- Enhanced interface with a modern look and feel to match the most recent standards;
- A new online help.
To accompany the release of this new version of Simulis Thermodynamics, ProSim has updated for its users a complete set of application examples and tutorials on its website
The new version of Simulis Thermodynamics is also available for direct purchase from our online store:
 Simulis Thermodynamics is intended to model quickly and reliably, thermodynamic properties, transport properties and phase equilibria of most fluids encountered in the fields of chemical, petrochemical, refining, oil, gas and other process industries. This software is already widely distributed by ProSim and is recognized as one of the most reliable and comprehensive solution on the market.

Read the press release ...

ProSim DAC

ProSim DAC is a dynamic simulation software for adsorption columns. Both adsorption and regeneration steps (TSA, PSA, VTSA…) can be modeled. ProSim DAC is a decision support tool to conduct in-depth analysis of solid-gas adsorption operations including hydrogen purification, isotopic separation, VOC emission control, solvent recovery...
The main features for ProSim DAC :
- Easy simulation and cyclic processes management
- In-depth analysis of solid-gas adsorption operations
- A property database containing more than 2,200 components
- A full set of thermodynamic models
- A full set of isotherm models
A new version of DIPPR® is available
ProSim announces the release of DIPPR L13+, an extended database providing thermodynamic and physical properties for a large number of chemical components.
DIPPR L13+ is based on the latest release of AIChE's (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) DIPPR® 801 (Design Institute for Physical Properties) database, the 'gold standard' for the thermophysical properties of pure components. The data stored went through a rigorous review and validation process that ensures their quality and reliability. 
DIPPR L13+ is available in standalone format with Simulis Properties (ProSim's pure component properties database management software) or as an option to any of ProSim's package. The standalone version can be purchased online from ProSim's web site.
ProSim supports a team of future engineers for the 17th edition of the 4L Trophy
ProSim is pleased to sponsor a team of future women engineers for the 17th edition of the 4L Trophy. The team of Clara Vrousos and Juliette François, two chemical engineering students in their second year at the ENSIACET, have raced for 10 days from February 13th to February 23rd, 2014, among over 1400 teams, traveling 6000 km for the 17th edition of the 4L Trophy

The 17th edition of the 4L Trophy ended and our two future engineers from the ENSIACET university are back and tell us about their journey.
In short:
A great adventure and a humanitarian goal reached by the association "Children of the Desert"
-60 Tons of donations that were distributed among five local associations in Morocco.
-24,812.59 € for building schools.
Product Updates - Make sure you have the latest version!
ProSimPlus: version 3.4.0 | release date : February 6, 2014

ProSimPlus HNO3: version 3.4.0 | release date : February 6, 2014
Simulis Thermodynamics : version 2.0 | release date : February 6, 2014
ProPhyPlus: version 2.0 | release date : February 6, 2014
BatchReactor: version 1.4.0 | release date : February 6, 2014
BatchColumn: version 1.4.0 | release date : February 6, 2014
ProSec: version 10.0.7 | release date : February 6, 2014
Ariane: version 8.5.0 | release date : February 6, 2014

Customers under our MUTS (Maintenance, Update, Training and Support) services agreement can download the product updates at any time from our website, free of charge.
ProSim's Premium solutions make their way around the world
Since our last e-newsletter, many companies have joined the growing family of ProSim customers. Among them: Verfahrenstechnische beratung, Honeywell Integrated Technology Co., Inevo Technologies, Ertech Ingenierie, Ekium, Covatech, Andritz, Southern California Gas, Okavango Energy, Veolia WS Oil & Gas, Karlsruher Institute of Technology, ...
It has to be noted that most of these new clients were using other software before switching to ProSim. We are also pleased to observe the spreading of our solutions and services throughout existing customers' departments and subsidiaries, with the acquisition of additional licenses or the conversion of local licenses into network licenses.

«Thanks to ProSim’s hot-line team for their professionalism, their reactivity and their answers to our needs.»

Mihai Nicolescu, Process Engineer – Fonroche Geothermie

In total, ProSim has now 866 customer references in 71 countries. Furthermore, 254 universities or public research centers around the world use ProSim's software to train their engineers or work on research projects.
> Training Calendar
You wish to strengthen your competencies in process simulation? ProSim organizes regularly several training sessions around its major areas of expertise. Common issues are covered and illustrated with case studies and applications with different software. It is also a great opportunity to interact informally with our experts and to explore new approaches in chemical engineering with ProSim's software users from other companies.
For your convenience, the level 1 sessions are included in our MUTS (Maintenance, Update, Training and Support) services agreement and can be accessed without any additional charge.
> Introduction to Simulis components utilization- Simulis Thermodynamics | 20 October 2014
> Thermodynamic approach in process simulation- Simulis Thermodynamics |21 October 2014
> Steady-state processes modeling and simulation - ProSimPlus | 22-23 October 2014
> CAPE-OPEN main concepts and software implementation | 24 October 2014
> Simulation and optimization of nitric acid plants and nitrous vapors absorption | 27-28 October 2014
> Batch chemical reactors modeling and simulation - BatchReactor | 29-30 october 2014
> Simulation and optimization of power plants - Ariane | 31 October 2014
Batch distillation columns modeling and simulation - BatchColumn | 4-5 November 2014

The number of seats is limited. So don't wait to register! 
Conferences, trade shows ...  
> JEEP 4 (Journées d'Etude des Equilibres entre Phases) - Presentation & Sponsor
Lyon, France - 26-28 March 2014
ProSim is sponsor of the awards for best poster & best technical paper.

> AIChE Spring Meeting  - Exhibitor
New Orleans - USA - 30 March, 3 April 2014
ProSim, Inc. will exhibit at the event - Come and join us at booth #157.
> ESAT 2014 - Sponsor
Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 6-9 july 2014
ProSim is a sponsor of this very valuable event and will also present three papers in the program:

> Influence of cyclic dimer formation on the equilibrium behavior of carboxylic acids. From theory to process simulation
J. Janecek, P. Paricaud, O. Baudouin, E. Auget, C. Coquelet, J-P. Passarello, R. Lugo, J-C. de Hemptinne.
> The GC-PPC-SAFT within ProSim: an industrially relevant tool
Jean-Charles de Hemptinne, J-P Passarello, R. Lugo, N. Ferrando, S. Massebeuf, O. Baudouin
> Adaptation of the rectilinear diameter law to the delimitation of wide liquid-liquid domain
Jean-Charles de Hemptinne, J-P Passarello, R. Lugo, N. Ferrando, S. Massebeuf, O. Baudouin
Come & meet us at these events. If you cannot attend the presentation, contact us to receive the presented papers.
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