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March 2015




The latest software from ProSim is Simulis Pinch: a powerful Add-in tool for Microsoft® Excel to improve the energy efficiency of processes through better energy integration

Simulis Pinch is appropriate for every professional doing energy audits in the industry.  Dedicated to the energy integration of the processes, this application is based on the Pinch technology and is applicable to any industrial process where energy is used for heating or cooling the process fluids. Simulis Pinch enables you to quickly find the maximum energy recovery for a particular process. Then, to reach the target of reduced energy consumption, a proprietary algorithm automatically finds an efficient process configuration considering the best compromise between capital and operating costs, to reach the target of energy consumption. Opportunities to improve energy efficiency are easily identified.

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European simulation experts join forces: signature of a collaboration agreement with  INOSIM GmbH

The German company INOSIM develops and markets simulation solutions dedicated to batch process manufacturing industries (biotech, specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals…), where these solutions are able to model a complete batch process.
Showing complementary geographical markets and software portfolio, both companies announce their strategic partnership to develop and market software and services in process simulation. Together they generate a powerful supplier of simulation technology in Europe in the area of process engineering. 

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Business development in Spain and Portugal: ProSim and ZEAN Process Engineering entered into a formal reseller agreement

ProSim develops its presence in Spain and Portugal through a commercial representation partnership with Zean, the engineering company specialized in thermal separation processes. The agreement will strengthen ProSim's regional presence in Spain and Portugal and will enhance Zean Process Engineering offering. ProSim customers in the Iberian Peninsula will also benefit from this agreement by getting an even higher level of support.

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Fives Cryo uses ProSec and Simulis Thermodynamics to get optimal design of its manufactured plate fin heat exchangers

ProSec is a software dedicated to the simulation of multi-stream plate fin heat exchangers commonly used in cryogenic processes (air liquefaction, LNG ...). ProSec is able to model the full complexity of this type of equipment and offer the user ability to model the various possibilities to combine the hot and cold fluids in order to reduce capital and production costs.
A rigorous and accurate calculation of the thermo-physical properties of the fluids flowing into these heat exchangers (phase change temperature, specific heat, viscosity...) is required. This is the role of Simulis Thermodynamics.

The combination of these two software allows Fives Cryo to design efficient equipment.  

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What is new with our training courses

Training courses for advanced users
Every year, ProSim organizes several training sessions allowing people from industry to start to learn about process simulation tools. Attending such training session is usual when licensing a new software but is also highly appreciated throughout the life of the contract so that new users become quickly operational.
The same applies to universities and public research centers who can attend these training sessions within the framework of their software license agreement for teaching or academic research purposes.
To meet a growing demand to improve one's simulation skills, ProSim now offers training sessions for more experienced users who can enhance their process simulation skills by attending level 2 training courses.

Training courses in Philadelphia, PA - USA
Eager to provide the same quality service to its North American customers as those based in Europe, and to respond to a growing demand, ProSim now offers training sessions in its Philadelphia office. The first sessions that just ended have been very successful. 
The schedule of the next training sessions is available on our web site. 
A new training class room in Labège
ProSim just invested in a new training center, next to its offices on the same floor, in order to provide the best training and be able to host an increasingly number of participants. This new center, more spacious, has all the amenities needed for the participants to enjoy the courses.

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Product Updates - Make sure you have the latest version!

ProSimPlus: version 3.5.0 | release date: December 18, 2014
ProSimPlus HNO3: version 3.5.0 | release date: December 18, 2014
Simulis Thermodynamics: version 2.0.6 | release date: December 18, 2014
ProPhyPlus: version 2.0.6 | release date: December 18, 2014
Simulis Pinch: version 1.5.5 | release date: December 18, 2014
BatchReactor: version 1.4.6 | release date: December 18, 2014
BatchColumn: version 1.4.6 | release date: December 18, 2014
Ariane: version 8.5.2 | release date: May 19, 2014
ProSec: version 10.0.7 | release date: February 6, 2014

Customers under our MUTS (Maintenance, Update, Training and Support) services agreement can download the product updates at any time from our website, free of charge.

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ProSim's Premium solutions make their way around the world

Since our last e-newsletter, many companies have joined the growing family of ProSim customers. Among them:  NKMU, Sonatrach, Setec Environnement, Laboratoires Expanscience, Berkem, Mirade Consultants, IDEEL, Euro-Engineering, SIAD Macchine Impianti, German Pneumatics Engineering, Institut PS2E, Calnesis, HMDS Process, Vertis Technologies, Sun Chemical, TTT, Courtois Energie Conseil, 2M Process, John Crane, SNF, HESS, Cristal France, Southern California Gas, Dosyn Energies & Services, ERAS Ingénierie, EDF, BAYER Cropscience...

Many academic universities and research centers around the world that use our software for teaching and research through our academic program can also be added to this list. It has to be noted that most of these new clients were using other software before switching to ProSim. We are also pleased to observe the spreading of our solutions and services throughout existing customers' departments and subsidiaries, with the acquisition of additional licenses or the conversion of local licenses into network licenses with several concurrent users.

The number of companies using our consulting services is also growing: process studies through process modeling and simulation, development of models and software customization, development of specific software or support and maintenance of legacy codes.
In total, ProSim has now 955 customer references in 73 countries. Furthermore, 271 universities or public research centers around the world selected ProSim's software to train their engineers or work on research projects.

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Training sessions calendar - Labège

You wish to strengthen your competencies in process simulation? ProSim regularly organizes training sessions around its major areas of expertise. Common issues are covered and illustrated with case studies and applications with ProSim software. It is also a great opportunity to informally interact with our experts and to explore new approaches in chemical engineering with ProSim's software users from other companies.
Reminder: level 1 sessions are included in your MUTS (Maintenance, Update, Training and Support) services agreement, so that training sessions corresponding to the licensed software can be accessed free of charge

The next training courses in English in Labège:

> Lev.1 - Introduction to Simulis components utilization - Simulis Thermodynamics | 16 March 2015
> Lev.2 - Thermodynamic approach in process simulation - Simulis Thermodynamics |17 March 2015
> Lev.1 - Steady-state processes modeling and simulation - ProSimPlus | 18-19 March 2015
> Lev.2 - CAPE-OPEN main concepts and software implementation | 20 March 2015
> Lev.1 - Simulation and optimization of nitric acid plants and nitrous vapors absorption - ProSimPlus HNO3  | 23-24 March 2015
> Lev.1 - Batch chemical reactors modeling and simulation - BatchReactor | 25-26 March 2015
> Lev.1 - Simulation and optimization of power plants - Ariane | 27 March 2015
> Lev.2 - Advanced steady state processes modeling and simulation - ProSimPlus | 30-31 March 2015

> Lev.1 - Batch distillation columns modeling and simulation - BatchColumn | 1-2 April 2015


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Conferences, trade shows ... 

> Colloque National Energie Industrie (Ademe) - Panel discussion

Marseille, France - 18 - 19 March 2015
An expert from ProSim has been invited to participate in the panel discussion related to "The energy integration to increase the performances of the processes".
> JEEP 2015 (41st Conference on Phase Equilibria) - Sponsor
Coimbra, Portugal - 25-27 March 2015
ProSim is sponsor of the awards for best poster & best technical paper.
> AIChE Spring Meeting  - Exhibitor and Presentation
Austin, TX - USA - 26-30 April 2015
ProSim, Inc. will not only exhibit at the event but also will present about energy efficiency and exergy analysis within a simulation software.
> ACHEMA 2015 - Exhibitor
Francfort, Germany - 15-19 June 2015
ACHEMA is the world forum of the process industry and the trend-setting technology summit for chemical engineering, environmental protection and biotechnology.
As worldwide provider of simulation and optimization software for industrial processes, ProSim will be exhibiting in the Engineering Hall 9.2 stand C16 with its new German partner INOSIM GmbH.
> ECOS 2015 - Presentation
Pau, France - 30 June 30 - 3 July 2015
ProSim will participate in the 28th conference about energy efficiency and will present the following topic:
  Pinch and Exergy Analyses within Process Simulation Software to Enhance Process Energy Efficiency

> ECCE10 2015 - Exhibitor
Nice, France - 26 September - 1 October 2015 
ProSim will showcase the latest features of its software. Come and meet us Booth #38.

Come & meet ProSim at these events. If you cannot attend the presentation, contact ProSim to receive the presented papers. 

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