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November 2018


The power of all ProSim simulation software in one convenient, cost effective package!

The new offer "ProSim Suite" provides access to any of ProSim's software for steady-state process simulation and optimization, thermodynamic calculations, batch process simulation, energy integration, complex heat exchanger design or more specific processes simulation.

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ProSim breaks a record of booked contracts and is hiring!

Last October, ProSim broke its record of booked orders over twelve consecutive months. Thank you to all of you for trusting us; we are continuously thriving to meet your expectations and bring our standard higher. ProSim is hiring and has two available job openings: a Technical Sales Engineer based in Labège, France and a V.I.E. based in Philadelphia, USA. If you know someone who might be interested and who meet the required criteria, do not hesitate to let them know.

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Minimization of water consumption

ProSim invests in the "MINIMEAU" R&D project (Minimization of water consumption in agro-food industries by developing a combined approach integrating Water Footprint and Pinch methods). Most of methods and tools developed during this project will also apply to other industries.

The project is supported by the French National Research Agency (ANR) and its objective is to develop a set of decision support tools to rethink water networks in the agro-food industries with the goal to minimize water consumption. It will rely on the development of the water Pinch methodology and especially on its adaptation to multi-contaminant problems. Water Pinch will be strongly associated to the finest environmental impact assessment methods (Water Footprint and Life Cycle Assessment) to ensure that revamping propositions do not generate detrimental environment effects. This combined approach will be implemented in a software solution, together with adequate water treatment modules, providing operational decision-making tools for the economic actors.

This 4-year R&D project includes, in addition to ProSim, academic partners (AgroParisTech, IRSTEA) as well as several Agro-Industrial Technical Institutes (CTCPA, ITERG, ACTALIA, IFV) UNGDA and an innovation-technology center (CRITT Paca).

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Use of HTRI Software within ProSimPlus Environment (Vidéo)

Thanks to its CAPE-OPEN compliance, the use of third parties thermodynamic packages or unit operations models is easy within ProSimPlus. In this video, you will see how two software, ProSimPlus and HTRI Xchanger Suite® can communicate and be used together.

Three "shell and tubes" heat exchangers (Xist models) are set up in a ProSimPlus flowsheet, with material streams recycles between the heat exchangers. The video shows how the configuration of HTRI Unit Operations is identical to the configuration accessed by an end-user within the standalone Xist software. So, an end-user remains in a familiar environment all along. Being able to use HTRI software within ProSimPlus allows simulation of several unit operations (here three heat exchangers) in the same flowsheet and gives access to the parameters of all the material streams within one single calculation.

There is no need for any coding from the user, interfacing being fully managed by the CAPE-OPEN technology implemented in both ProSimPlus and HTRI Xchanger Suite®. You just need to have both software installed and the corresponding licenses.

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Training Sessions

You wish to strengthen your competencies in process simulation? ProSim regularly organizes training sessions around its major areas of expertise. Common issues are covered and illustrated with case studies and applications with ProSim software. It is also a great opportunity to informally interact with our experts and to explore new approaches in chemical engineering with ProSim's software users from other companies.
Reminder: level 1 sessions are included in your MUTS (Maintenance, Update, Training and Support) services agreement, so that training sessions corresponding to the licensed software can be accessed free of charge.

The calendar with the next training courses is available here: link

If these dates are not convenient for you or if you wish to go more deeply in use cases linked to your specific industry needs, we can organize "On Demand" Training Courses anywhere you want, on the date you want and tailored to your needs.

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New tutorials available

ProSim is making these tutorials available to help you to make the first steps with the software. They show in detail the process to follow in order to get properly acquainted with the software, to build some simple model, some calculation spreadsheet... and to make the most of the software capabilities. View the latest tutorials available:

With Simulis Pinch (Energy Integration of Processes in Microsoft® Excel):

- Energy integration of an esterification process – First steps with Simulis Pinch
- Energy integration of an esterification process – Advanced use of Simulis Pinch
- Energy integration of an esterification process Case study and specifications with Simulis Pinch

With ProSim DAC (Dynamic Adsorption Columns Simulation):

- General overview of ProSim DAC, ProSim’s solid-gas adsorption column dynamic simulator

With ProSec (Simulation of brazed plate fin heat exchangers):

- General overview of ProSec
- Import/export parameters/results, sensitivity analysis, definition of specification

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