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Bioprocess Simulation and Optimization

The software and the expertise
to assist you in developing and
optimizing your industrial bioprocess.


ProSim’s solutions make the difference to address specific issues raised by bio-sourced chemicals production:
- reducing production costs,
- improving scale-up from lab to pilot and industrial plants,
- exploring and evaluating (CAPEX and OPEX) different production routes,
- appropriate kinetic modeling of biological and chemical reactions involved,
- accurate thermodynamic modeling of raw materials, products and by-products...


Application Example with ProSimPlus:

Bioethanol Production Plant

Application Example with BatchReactor:

Synthesis Reactor of Thymol


A wide range of software dedicated to bioprocessing development and optimization

ProSim solutions include a complete suite of chemical engineering software for both batch and continuous processes. They are used to improve process design, increase plant efficiency and reduce their impact on environment. They demonstrated to be very efficient for improvement of complex processes such as ethanol plants (and bioethanol in particular), bio-sourced products or large chemical plants.


Our experience at Your service to assist you in developping your processes

Since 1989, skills and expertise of ProSim staff include thermodynamics, physical phenomenon modeling, process simulation, energy integration, optimization techniques, numerical methods, software architecture or GUI development. This strong background of the team ensures that best-in-class models and methods are implemented in proposed solutions. It also provides professional process engineering studies or customized software development services as well as efficient and responsive support to users.


A high number of references worldwide

ProSim has today over 880 customers' references in 71 countries. Many of them are operating companies or engineering firms in the field of bio-fuels, bio-refineries or development of innovative processes from biomass feedstock (cellulosic and non-cellulosic). Our system is able to solve a range of optimization problems, from the simplest to the most complex ones. Furthermore, 254 universities or public research centers around the world use ProSim's software to train their engineers or work on research projects.