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Software Components for Process Simulation

Since their origin, process simulation tools had to answer increasingly more demanding requests from the market and to adapt to evolving computer hardware and technologies. Today, they must satisfy criteria such as interoperability, integration and re-use without however losing in performance, reliability, nor user-friendliness.

Built on a component-oriented architecture, the Simulis Suite was developed to answer these requirements. Through judicious assembly of ready-to-use components, the engineer selects and takes advantage of the software most adapted to specific problems (thermodynamics, properties calculations.), focusing on his core business. He improves quality of his developments while reducing associated times.

This component approach undoubtedly brings productivity rewards to both users and developers.

Simulis components encapsulate ProSim's solutions existing codes. They integrate the reliability and the robustness of calculation methods of solutions validated by more than fifteen years of industrial use.
Excel Add-In for Thermodynamic Calculations

Simulis® Suite
The components developed on Simulis architecture currently available are :

  Simulis Thermodynamics: mixtures properties and fluid phases equilibria calculations

Simulis Thermodynamics is a thermophysical calculation server available an MS-Excel add-in, a Matlab toolbox or as a module pluggable in any other software that requires quality thermophysical properties.


  Simulis Properties: pure components properties server

Simulis Properties provides more than 100 constant properties and about 20 temperature dependant properties on a database of more than 2300 chemical substances. [View the full component list ]
This component allows you to calculate the values of the intrinsic properties but also their derivatives with respect to temperature. Sources of data are numerous: Component Plus databases, Simulis "Property packages"...

  Simulis Conversions: Physical units conversion management tool
This component can be plugged in any application that manipulates physical quantities in order to easily manage associated units. Simulis Conversions can be easily enriched with new sizes and/or units in order to cover different fields of process engineering.
Simulis Conversion is available for free download.