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Success Story

Conception & installation of industrial heat exchangers

01/12/2014 - Fives Cryo uses Simulis Thermodynamics and ProSec to generate accurate design and production parameters in agreement with the customer’s specifications.

Coupling of ARIANE (optimization software) with VALI (data reconciliation software)

28/11/2012 - The achievement of this coupling project has been supported by the Total-Ademe research support program that focuses on energy performance in industry. 


The Total Normandy refinery calls on ProSim to optimize its utilities production

27/11/2012 - In order to comply with the new consumption standards, Total is committed to improving its French refineries’ efficiency and competitiveness. In this context, the Normandy refinery asked Prosim to implement its Ariane software in its production system.


Solutia Inc. selects ProSimPlus HNO3 for the optimization of its Pensacola Plant.

28/06/2008 - Solutia Inc., one of the world's few fully-integrated producers of nylon 6,6 from intermediates to polymers, plastics and fibers has selected the ProSimPlus HNO3 software to enhance the nitric acid production process in its Pensacola plant (Florida / USA).

Uhde chooses ProSimPlus HNO3 for the optimization of their plants

30/03/2006 - Uhde GmbH, a leading plant engineering and construction company, has chosen the ProSimPlus HNO3 software to enhance the process of the nitric acid production plants they design.