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ProSim is making these application examples available to you to demonstrate how our simulation solutions are able to handle the different processes encountered in the chemical industries.

Note: these files are provided "as is" without any warranty of any nature whatsoever. ProSim does not warrant that the functions contained in the programs are error free nor that they will meet user's requirements. ProSim makes no warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to, any warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. ProSim shall have no responsibility or liability for damages arising out of or related to the delivery, use, efficiency, or suitability of these examples or the application of the results.

With ProSim HEX

Simulation of a plate heat exchanger used to cool a sucrose solution

This example shows a two-fluid plate heat exchanger used to cool a solution of sucrose (60° Brix) with water. This counter-current heat exchanger has two passes on both sides. Each pass is counter-current. Pure sucrose component is modified to represent the thermal and transport properties of the sucrose solution (60° Brix).
This heat exchanger is modeled using ProSim PHE, ProSim’s CAPE-OPEN unit operation dedicated to the simulation of plate heat exchangers. ProSim PHE can take into account the effect of the stacking and of the pressure drop on the enthalpy curves. In this example, the ProSim PHE unit operation runs inside the ProSimPlus environment, i.e., within the ProSimPlus simulation software where the thermodynamic and physico-chemical data needed are automatically calculated using Simulis Thermodynamics, the thermodynamic calculation server of ProSimPlus.