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Simulation des colonnes de distillation discontinues

On Demand Training Course
  • BatchColumn
Language: French
Duration: 2 Days
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Trainees will study different rigorous methods to analyse issues related to batch distillation (design, quality control...) using the BatchColumn software.

At the end of the session, participants will be better equipped to evaluate the optimization potential of the different parameters that govern their column and to plan for modification on their equipment.

Who should attend?
This level 1 training session is designed for those involved in safety, sizing, design and optimization studies of distillation columns, in particular engineers working on batch production processes or in laboratories. It is also relevant to those involved in solvent regeneration and in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) treatment.


First day: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
I Introduction
    - Objectives
    - Main characteristics
    - Modeling
    - Numerical methods
    - General Methodology
II Compounds & Thermodynamics
    - Physico-chemical properties
    - Equilibria calculations
    - Transport properties
    - Simulis Thermodynamics within BatchColumn: presentation & examples
III Modeling of a batch column
    - Column topology
    - Theoretical stages / plate efficiency / column internal
    - Hold-up and pressure profiles
    - Middle-vessel
    - Initial conditions
    - Feeds / sidestreams
    - Condenser / decanter
    - Heating / cooling device
    - Tanks
    - Agitators
    - BatchColumn: presentation and examples

Second day: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
IV Technological database
    - Principles
    - Simulis Technologies: presentation
V Process Modeling
    - Principles
    - Operating steps
    - Operating modes
    - Events
    - Feeds / sidestreams
    - Controls
    - Heat losses and inputs
    - Report parameters
    - Calculation starting
    - BatchColumn (cont.): presentation & examples
VI Reactive distillation
    - Using chemical reactions in BatchColumn
    - BatchColumn (cont.): presentation & examples
VII Chemical reaction description
    - Principle
    - Simulis Reactions: presentation


Training organization

Duration: two consecutive days
Approach: The training course consists in theoretical lectures and applications exercises. A number of concrete case studies are discussed.
Software to be used: BatchColumn.
Location: you choose the location (on-site, ProSim's office...)

Background in chemical engineering / process engineering
Basic knowledge in software utilization

Additional relevant trainings
Thermodynamic approach in process simulation (suggested prerequisite)
Batch chemical reactors simulation