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ProSim et NTP Truboprovod annoncent la disponibilité de Simulis Thermodynamics en russe.

ProSim a sorti la nouvelle version de Simulis Thermodynamics, qui est maintenant disponible en 3 langues: anglais, français et russe. (le communiqué est disponible en anglais).

Toulouse, France – 14/02/2013.

ProSim released the new version of Simulis Thermodynamics, which is now available in 3 languages: English, French and Russian. The Russian customization of the user interface was done with ProSim’s partner, NTP Truboprovod. This new version is available worldwide. Simulis Thermodynamics is ProSim’s calculation server for thermophysical properties and phase equilibria calculations on pure components and mixtures. It is available as a Microsoft Excel® add-in, a toolbox in MATLAB® or as a software component which can be easily plugged in any other application requiring reliable and accurate thermophysical properties.

NTP Truboprovod is one of Russia's leading developers of CAD/CAE software and databases for hydraulic and heat loss calculation and strength analysis of piping systems, vessels and apparatuses. The company promotes and distributes Simulis Thermodynamics in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. To facilitate the use of the software by these markets, the translation of the graphical user interface appeared as an obvious move, and ProSim will continue in cooperation with NTP Truboprovod to provide all new versions of Simulis Thermodynamics with Russian graphical user interface. In addition, the related documents, such as the “getting started” files, application examples and “Thermodynamics model” book will be translated, and correspondent Russian variants of these files will soon be available in Russian with the next versions of Simulis Thermodynamics.

ProSim and NTP Truboprovod are convinced that these steps will result in an unique software product for Russian-speaking process engineers in Russia and worldwide, a tool for effective everyday use both alone and in combination with NTP Truboprovod’s "Hydrosystem" and "Safety valve" software.

The Russian company has developed a suite of software called PASS (Plant Analysis Software Suite) which includes "Hydrosystem" that performs heat losses & pressure drop calculations as well as nominal size selection for pipeline networks, transporting compressible or incompressible one-phase fluids, as well as advanced two-phase gas-liquid flow analysis for flashing, condensing and "frozen" flow. The suite also includes "Safety valve" program for safety valve sizing and pressure relieve systems analysis and design, including relieve of two-phase, flashing and condensing fluids. Both programs have an option to use Simulis Thermodynamics to calculate fluid properties and phase equilibrium.

Simulis Thermodynamics allows anyone in industry, engineering or research to run high quality thermophysical properties calculations. These calculations can be plugged in any software of wider application range (equipment sizing, system modeling, etc.) and properties are available for any kind of fluid. It is an effective way to enrich an “in-house” software or to develop advanced Microsoft Excel® calculation spreadsheets. Simulis Thermodynamics makes open simulation a practical reality.