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Collaboration between Inosim and ProSim - batch process simulation solutions

European Simulation Experts Join Forces

ProSim SA and INOSIM GmbH are pleased to announce they signed a cooperation agreement.

For more than a decade, INOSIM has been developing and marketing simulation solutions dedicated to batch process manufacturing industries (biotech, specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals…). Able to model a complete batch process, INOSIM simulation tools are used for optimization of a whole batch plant (multi-product…), production scheduling, debottlenecking, capacity analysis, environmental impact assessment, equipment failure analysis or project economic evaluation. ProSim, that just celebrated its 25th anniversary, provides state-of-the-art simulation and optimization software to the chemical, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical or energy industries. Apart from its very popular thermodynamic properties server (Simulis Thermodynamics) and its steady-state process simulation software (ProSimPlus), ProSim also markets unrivalled tools dedicated to simulation of batch chemical reactions (BatchReactor) and batch distillation columns (BatchColumn).

Both companies announce their cooperation regarding development and distribution. Together they generate one of the most efficient suppliers of simulation technology in Europe in the area of process engineering.

The first project of the German-French partnership results in the integration of ProSim calculation server for thermophysical properties, Simulis Thermodynamics, into INOSIM Professional, solution dedicated to batch processing simulation. With this first step, INOSIM Professional users can seamlessly access the very comprehensive library of physical properties estimation methods for both pure compounds and mixtures available with Simulis Thermodynamics. The collaboration will then lead to the integration of the BatchReactor and BatchColumn unit operation models from ProSim within INOSIM Process Edition allowing to have both the simulation of a complete batch or semi-continuous process together with the very detailed simulation of some complex unit operations. With the help of this software combination, users will gain deeper insights of the processing plant structures and the actions involved there. The industry will then benefit from a complete simulation and optimization solution package from process simulation to production logistics.



Peter balling - InosimINOSIM CEO, Peter Balling points out: “The aggregated product portfolios of both companies make an ideal amendment, being able to picture all operating modes in chemical, pharmaceutical, and bioengineering industries. The addition of the Simulis Thermodynamics plug-in to our INOSIM product suite is already excellent news for our clients but we are willing to go further to create a new level of batch process simulation software.”


Stéphane Déchelotte ProSim“We are absolutely delighted of this new cooperation agreement” said Stéphane Déchelotte, CEO of ProSim. “We found with INOSIM a partner sharing with us both the demand of high level software quality and the dedication to service to our clients. Joining forces of two small and flexible companies will allow us to address wider markets and larger clients without losing our strengths: rapid and flexible response to client requirements, adaptive and innovative development, and high level technical expertise.”



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