ProSimPlus HNO3 User Meeting 2021

From 08/12/2021 to 09/12/2021

Why you should attend the ProSimPlus HNO3 User Meeting 2021?

The event is organized for the active exchange of experiences between ProSimPlus HNO3 users, experts from ProSim and people interested in this unique software.

The idea is to bring together know-how, technology and experience while building a community to share best practices and innovations in process simulation and optimization in the nitric acid industry.

Discover the latest developments about ProSimPlus HNO3 and meet with ProSim experts.

Increase your expertise by listening to the presentations from users and discussing about your experiences.

Give your input to the roadmap of development, your wishes and your ideas regarding improvements that you would like to see in the future releases of ProSimPlus HNO3.


Who is invited?

ProSimPlus HNO3 users and people involved in process design, optimization, and analysis as well as engineers and technicians in charge of monitoring and improving the performance of a nitric acid plant or dealing with NOx issues.

Overall, everyone who would like to learn more about the development, different applications and an insider’s knowledge of ProSimPlus HNO3.



ProSimPlus HNO3 User Meeting 2021 is an online event. First, we are not very sure of what will be the COVID context and we also believe it is a good way to allow users from all over the world to connect.


Registration to this event is FREE, but required.



The event will be held twice over the course of two days.

Meeting schedule is organized to enable people of different time zones to join.

The agendas over the two days will be similar except for the user presentations that will address different topics and everyone is welcome to participate on both days.



ProSimPlus HNO3 User Meeting 2021 Online Event


UM 1 (Europe – Asia)8 December 2021:

9 am – 2 pm Central European Time (Paris)

4 pm – 9 pm China Standard Time (Shanghai)


View the Agenda of Wednesday 8 December 2021


UM 2 (North America – South-America – Europe)9 December 2021:

3 pm – 8 pm Central European Time (Paris)

9 am – 2 pm Eastern Standard Time (New York)


View the Agenda of Thursday 9 December 2021



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