Webinar – 25 June 2020 4:00pm CEST : Dynamic simulation of adsorption column with ProSim DAC


Webinar - 25 June 2020 - Dynamic simulation of adsorption column with ProSim DAC


ProSim DAC is a dynamic simulation software for adsorption columns. Both adsorption and regeneration steps (TSA, PSA, VTSA…) can be modeled. ProSim DAC is a decision support tool to conduct in-depth analysis of solid-gas adsorption operations including refinery hydrogen purification, isotopic separation, VOC emission control, solvent recovery…
The software enables the process simulation and optimization of a large range of industrial gas adsorption processes such as cyclic processes (pressure-swing adsorption, temperature-swing adsorption…). It allows the selection of optimal adsorbents, the design of improved adsorption cycles, and the improvement of general plant operations. The user is able then to quickly test process modifications and their performance, and to ensure the safety of the process (e.g. avoid combustion of activated carbons).


25 June 2020 4:00pm CEST (duration: 40 minutes)


You will attend a general presentation about ProSim DAC, the software dedicated to the dynamic simulation of adsorption columns. The presentation will be followed by a demonstration to show the main software features:

  • Easy simulation and cyclic process management.
  • Modeling capabilities for a wide variety of adsorbents (activated carbon, zeolites…).
  • Many different models are included (isotherm types, thermal working, mass transfer models…).

This webinar is intended for process engineers and technicians involved in development or operation of adsorption processes: from lab, to pilot plant and industrial units in order to carry out the development, extrapolation, sizing of equipment, optimization of operating parameters or safety studies.

This webinar will allow you to answer the following questions:

  • How simulation can help me optimize the operating conditions of the adsorption columns?
  • How to solve the material and energy balance equations?
  • How to estimate the dimensions of industrial equipment (breakthrough time, adsorbed quantities, temperature profile in the bed of adsorbent…)?
  • How to operate my process safely and respecting environmental standard?


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