Webinar ProSim – How to select and set up a thermodynamic model in a process simulator?

Phase envelope calculations (Thermo) - engineering chemical calculations


Date & time: Thursday 15 December at 4:00 pm (CET)


When it comes to process simulation, unfortunately there is no universal thermodynamic model which would make it possible to model all the systems (whatever the conditions of temperature, pressure and concentration). We also know that the quality of the results of a simulation is strongly linked to the correct modeling of the phase equilibria and of the thermodynamic and physico-chemical properties of the systems under consideration.

The choice of a thermodynamic model is therefore a critical step when undertaking the simulation of a process and many options are offered which can leave the user confused. Even if our support team is always there to guide you, building your skills on these subjects and developing your own expertise will prevent you from making inappropriate choices whose consequences on the results of your calculations may be important.

The objective of this webinar is to present the selection criteria to be taken into account to properly select and configure a thermodynamic “profile” among all those available in the process simulator.

This presentation will underline the importance of thermodynamics in process simulation and will allow you to better understand the criteria for selecting a thermodynamic model that is adapted to the case you are dealing with.

This webinar is intended for all those who are performing chemical engineering calculations (equipment rating or design, pressure drops, mass and energy balances, etc.) and also for people whose activity relates to process, simulation, optimization and analysis. Whether it is a simple or more complex calculation, we know that the quality of the results obtained is very dependent on the quality of the selected thermodynamic model.


This webinar will allow you to answer the following questions:

  • What is the use of thermodynamics in process simulation?
  • What impacts does thermodynamics have on the results of a simulation?
  • What selection criteria should be retained to define a thermodynamic model?
  • Are there decision trees to help with the different choices?
  • What information is needed (a model needs parameters)?
  • Is it useful to validate a thermodynamic model?


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