Optimum material flow in process engineering

ProSim is the local representative of INOSIM, German company developing and distributing software and services for process industries.

Main features

– To simulate the material flow of single and multi-product plants

– To emulate continuous processes and batch processes including their mixed forms

– To provide you with a comprehensive tool kit for the display and analysis of material flow and production logistics

Optimum material flow in process engineering.


Optimum material flow in process engineering - Process simulation

INOSIM plant edition enables you to keep track of the complex, dynamic process of your production logistics. INOSIM plant edition supports you in creating a failure-free material flow for your production. During your process design as well as in later operational phases, you detect how to organize your logistical processes in a cost-saving, efficient, and failure-free way.

The intuitive and user friendly interface of INOSIM plant edition is based on a flowsheet which you assemble by drag & drop from a toolbox of graphical elements. The virtual plant is built of these graphical elements. Recipes describe the workflow within the units of the plant. Finally, logistical and material aspects, e. g., maintenance, failures, or shift calendars, are added to the model.

By simulating, you evolve your maintenance and failure management, extending capacities of existing plants, designing or optimizing your production wheels.

INOSIM plant edition generates equipment and utilization charts that enable you to visualize the as-is state of scheduling and execution of process operations. Bottlenecks become easily visible and can be promptly removed.

INOSIM plant edition generates operating cost overviews, including the costs of labor, raw materials, waste treatment, and disposal, utilities (e.g., heating, cooling, power), and other operating costs. Hence you generate reliable data for implementing your plant´s cost reduction.