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Dear Customer,

We are closely monitoring the expansion of the Covid-19 and are following the instructions from the government and health authorities to ensure that we are taking the right measures to protect our employees while continuing to provide you with the quality of service you are expecting.
Faced with this exceptional situation we have put in place all the necessary technical means as well as an appropriate organization in order to allow continuity of our activity with a minimum of disruption for you. As of today, most of the company’s functions and the services we offer continue to be performed normally, thanks in particular to home office.

This is the case in particular of support for the users of our software which is a priority for us so that your activity around our software can continue with the same efficiency. You can continue to reach your ProSim contacts by telephone at their usual numbers and of course by e-mail.
The consulting studies that you have entrusted to us follow their course without affecting the planned schedules. Only the “face to face” progress meetings already scheduled can be replaced by web meetings. Our project managers stay in touch with you on this point.
The same goes for our developments: the road-map is not modified in any way by the current context in order to ensure you in the next versions the planned new functionalities, at the scheduled dates.

Only face-to-face training scheduled in the coming weeks will be postponed. If you have already registered for a course and you are having trouble postponing it, do not hesitate to contact your project manager to consider, for example, replacing it with remote training (video / web).

If, for your part, you are also called to telecommute and you do not have a VPN connection which allows you to use our software remotely, I remind you that our network licenses may be “borrowable” (*). Again, do not hesitate to contact your sales contact to consider this possibility at least temporarily.
Also, don’t worry about the sustainability of ProSim. We have the resources to cope with the economic impact of this crisis, even if it were to last for several months. We will be ready to restart quickly and hard with you as soon as the crisis is over.

During this time, we realize that flexibility is more important than ever. Also, we will adapt as the events evolve in order to maintain our high requirements in terms of quality of service.

We thank you for your loyalty,

Take care of yourself,


Stéphane Déchelotte

(*) This easy-to-use license borrowing function creates a license for a specific user on a specific computer for a specified period of time. This possibility makes it possible to use ProSim software remotely, without being connected to the network, for example on a portable PC. License borrowing decreases the number of accesses available on the network by one until it is returned.