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September 2010

  September 2010

Welcome to the ProSim Newsletter of information related to ProSim software, R&D and service activities. All previous releases of this newsletter are available in our archive page. Additional press releases are available on our press page.
For any information on ProSim activities, please contact us.

Cette newsletter est également disponible en français.
In this issue
- Significant evolutions in ProSimPlus
- ProSim signs a distribution agreement with NTP Truboprovod for Russia
- TEG dehydration process with ProSimPlus
- New licensing options for ProSim Software
- Xavier Joulia elected Co-Director of LGC
- Upcoming training sessions calendar
- Join the ProSim Users Network group on LinkedIn
- ProSim's Alternative solutions make their way around the world
- About ProSim

Significant evolutions in ProSimPlus: unit operations, thermodynamic models, functionalities... Top
A significant number of new features were brought to ProSimPlus, ProSim's software for simulation of continuous industrial processes. These new capabilities reinforce the software's ability to represent in details a wide variety of processes. ProSimPlus is indeed successfully used in most process industries, including in particular the oil, gas treatment, chemical, petrochemical and energy industries.

The new functionalities are available in the latest version of the software, which can be downloaded from the support section of ProSim's web site, accessible by clients under MUTS (Maintenance, Updates, Training and Support) contract.

Among the new capabilities offered by ProSimPlus:
   - Multi-fluid exchanger module: the MHX exchanger allows to calculate the heat exchange between several warm and cold fluids, with a given pinch temperature.
Such exchanges are commonly used when looking for a low pinch temperature (of a few degrees) in liquefied natural gas (LNG) treatment processes, industrial gas (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium, etc…) treatment processes and air gas and hydrocarbons separation.
[ More details in the "Technical focus" section ]
   - Gas engine module: The MAG module represents an internal combustion engine running with fuel gas (natural gas, biogas…). This engine produces electricity and thermal energy which is recovered in heat exchangers. Such pieces of equipment are at the heart of cogeneration and micro-cogeneration systems. Within the context of process design or modeling, this module can be used to analyze the efficiency of a gas engine in terms of energy production and economic impact. This module is also used in energetic integration studies of industrial processes.
[ More details in the "Technical focus" section ]
   - New thermodynamic model: the Zimmerli thermodynamic model, for the representation of helium solubility in hydrogen was added to the library of available models.
   - Petroleum cuts: the pseudo components creation function was improved to provide additional accuracy and convenience in the generation of pseudo components from ASTM or TBP petroleum curves. In particular, it is now possible to specify a density curve (SpGr or °API) and to take into account three parameters to fine tune the decomposition of the curve.
   - Pure components properties: new properties can now be added on pure components, in particular: Nakamura coefficients, Mathias-Copeman coefficients (for SRK and PR models), Twu & al (for SRK and PR models), sublimation heat, dielectric constant... Additionally, the user can add his/her own decomposition for group contribution models (UNIFAC, UNIFAC PSRK, UNIFAC LLE, UNIFAC modified Dortmund and Larsen, PPR 78, UNIFAC VTPR, UNIFAC UMRPRU, NRTL-PR) and view component molecules structure in three dimensions.
   - Property exportation to OLGA: fluid properties can now be exported in a .pvt file to be used seamlessly in OLGA (software for simulation of pipeline flows, developped by SPT Group).
   - Component properties database: the standard database, provided with most ProSim software was updated and now provides information for 2027 pur components. It is to be noted that ProSim also proposes the DIPPR L09+ database in complement. DIPPR L09+ includes the latest version of AIChE's DIPPR database as well as data retrieved during research projects conducted by our engineers, for a total of 2157 components.
The properties were tested and approved through thorough control procedures and intensive utilization in industrial contexts.

ProSimPlus Page

ProSim signs a distribution agreement with NTP Truboprovod for the Russian market Top

ProSim develops its presence in Russia through a commercial representation partnership with NTP Truboprovod, Russian developer of CAE software for piping and equipment in refining, petrochemical, and energy industries.
The collaboration started when NTP Truboprovod selected ProSim thermodynamic server, Simulis Thermodynamics, after thorough testing and comparison with competing products and decided to integrate it in their software. "Several thermodynamic calculation packages were considered but Simulis Thermodynamics was what we were looking for in terms of content, architecture and pricing", explains Mr. Leonid Korelstein, NTP Truboprovod Deputy Director on Science.
In view of the positive first steps in the collaboration between the two companies and of the potential of the Russian market, a distribution agreement was signed. This agreement allows NTP Truboprovod to promote and distribute ProSimPlus and Simulis Thermodynamics in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

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TEG dehydration process with ProSimPlus Top

A new ProSimPlus application example is available for download on the ProSim web site. This example illustrates a process to remove water from natural gas using Triethylene Glycol (TEG) as dehydration solvent.
Interesting points of this example are the use of the “absorption” module for the contactor model and in the representation of two columns connected in series (the TEG regenerator and the TEG stripper) by a single ProSimPlus “stripper” module. Additionally, the Windows Script module is used in different parts of the flowsheet to perform specific calculations such as gas water dew point or TEG losses for make-up calculation.

Download the example
ProSimPlus Page


New licensing options for ProSim Software Top

ProSim recently developped a new licensing system, called "ProSim License Manager", which is now integrated in most ProSim software. Aside from providing customers with additional transparency and flexibility in the management and day to day utilization of their software licenses, the new system allows additional licensing options. Local licenses (license that can only be used on a specific computer) and Network licenses (licenses that can be accessed by one or several users through a LAN or WAN network) obviously remain available but the ability to borrow temporarily a network license is now added. From a network license, the borrowing function creates a license that allows the software to be used during a pre-determined period on a specific computer which is not connected to the server. This option is particularly useful for customers who need to utilize the software outside their own office environment (visiting clients, business travel or off-site projects), when the license server is not directly accessible.
In academic context, this feature is also very valuable as it allows students to use the software on their personal computer, outside lectures hours.

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Xavier Joulia elected Co-Director of LGC Top

Xavier Joulia, Professor at the ENSIACET, ProSim SA founder with Professor Bernard Koehret, and acting Administrator and Scientific Consultant of ProSim was recently elected by his peers Co-Director of the Laboratoire de Génie Chimique (CNRS/INP Toulouse/ Université Toulouse 3) with Béatrice Biscans (Research Director), in replacement of Joël Bertrand who was appointed last February CNRS General Manager delegated to science. The new management will take office in January 2011.
"These nominations are likely to reinforce the already close relationships between ProSim and the different Process Engineering research teams in France" says Stephane Déchelotte, CEO of ProSim, while wishing "much success to the new management team in their future attributions".

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Upcoming training sessions calendar Top

You wish to strengthen your competencies in process simulation? Every year, ProSim organizes several training sessions around its major areas of expertise. Common issues are covered and illustrated with case studies and applications with different software. It is also a great opportunity to interact informally with our experts and to explore new approaches in the chemical engineering area.
It is reminded that these scheduled sessions are now included in new MUTS (Maintenance, Update, Training and Support) services agreements and can be accessed without any additional charge. Companies that choose to subscribe to MUTS Services will be able to register as many members of its personnel as desired (within available seats for each session). The same applies to universities and public research centers within the framework of software license agreement for teaching or academic research purposes. To check if your company benefit from these new options, review your agreement or contact us:

Training session calendar


Other news in brief... Top
  ProSim will take part in the ANNA 2010 congress, from september 26 to october 1st in Noordwijkerhout / Netherland. We will have a booth and will run demonstrations on ProSimPlus HNO3 software.
  ProSim organizes a Simulis Thermodynamics and ProSimPlus presentation seminar on October 25th in Beijing / China. Register now!
  ProSim Web store reopens with new offers on Simulis Thermodynamics, ProPhyPlus 2 and DIPPR L09+ available.
Join the ProSim Users Network group on LinkedIn! Top

Join the ProSim Users Network group on LinkedIn and connect with other ProSim software users. This group will keep you informed of the latest changes brought to our software and of the events organised by ProSim and in which you can meet ProSim members. This group is also a place where experience, utilization tips, ideas, and improvement suggestions can be shared among users and with ProSim experts.
LinkedIn is an online professional network, totally independent from ProSim. The ProSim Users Network membership is provided only to ProSim's customers, free of charge and is not subject to any commitment.

You will also find several ProSim members on LinkedIn. Do not hesitate to connect to them to stay informed of their business travelling or to make contact.

ProSim User Network on Linked In


ProSim's Alternative solutions make their way around the world Top

Since our last Newsletter, many companies have joined the growing family of ProSim customers. Among them: CIRAD, Diester Industrie Atlantique, Larour Consultant, MSSA - Métaux Spéciaux, Sabic R&T, Sofresid Engineering, PGME...

It has to be noted that most of these new clients were using other software before switching to ProSim. We are also pleased to observe the spreading of our solutions and services throughout existing customers departments and subsidiaries, with the acquisition of additional licenses or the conversion of local licenses into network licenses.

Furthermore, 230 Universities or Public Research Centers around the world use ProSim's software to train their engineers or work on research projects. Among the new subscribers to our academic program: Hangzhou Dianzi University (China), IFP School (France), Kinki University (Japan), National Centre For Physics (Pakistan), Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua (Mexico), Universidad de Murcia (Spain)...

In total, ProSim has now over 725 customers references in 63 countries.

Our references


About ProSim Top

ProSim provides state of the art simulation and optimization software that allow process industries to increase their efficiency and their return on investment. ProSim solutions are designed for applications in the chemical, the refining, the gas treatment and the specialties chemical industries as well as in the pharmaceutical, the food processing and the energy industries. Its activities also comprise engineering process studies and custom software development. ProSim solutions are used to improve process design, increase plant efficiency and reduce their impact on environment.
Thanks to long term partnerships with major research centers and to substantial investment in R&D, ProSim continuously develops innovative software and has become a recognized player on the international market.
The success of the company comes from the efficiency and the robustness of the solutions and of the calculation packages it proposes, but also from the quality of the services it provides.
The expertise and the know-how of ProSim personnel cover vast domains, including thermodynamics, physico-chemical phenomenon modeling, process simulation, energy integration, optimization techniques, numerical methods, software architecture, and GUI development.

For more information, please visit:



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