Bio-based products

In the petrochemical industry, resource diversification is a major concern to optimizing costs while reducing the impact on the environment. This concern reflects the global approach of the industry regarding the sustainability of their activities.

Green and bio-based products (biomass, biofuel, biogas…) are already major development areas for this industry in the coming years.

Working together on the development strategy with these innovative manufacturers, we participate in the development and optimization of their processes, whether they are for high-value fine chemical products (pharmaceuticals, perfumes, food additives…), specialty products (lubricants, detergents…), commodity products (polymers, chemical intermediates…), or biofuels generation.

Bio-based products

Bio-based chemicals

Major industrial developments in green chemistry and, in particular, bio-based chemicals in the coming years will create new industry players.

The software products ProSimPlus, BatchColumn and BatchReactor address critical issues raised by these new processes using renewable resources: adaptation of existing industrial production plants, development of co-products, improving productivity.


Application Case:
Starch, sugar, oil
Lignocellulosic biomass


Ethanol and biofuels

Biofuels in general, and second generation biofuels in particular, are experiencing significant growth. Whether for the oil and derivatives industry, such as vegetable oil fuel (biodiesel), the alcohol sector (bioethanol from sugar, starch, cellulose or lignin hydrolyzed) or gaseous fuel (biogas), new methods are constantly being developed and need to be improved.

The ProSimPlus and BatchColumn software address the critical issues of optimizing process performance, improving energy efficiency and reducing production costs. The systems involved are highly non-ideal and require appropriate thermodynamic models and methods for effective convergence, which are recognized strengths of ProSim.


Application Case:
Ethyl-tertio-butyl-ether (ETBE)


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