The fertilizers industry makes use of nitric acid and nitrous vapors absorption production units, which are very complex production processes. For example, the absorption of nitrous vapors that reduces the emissions from nitric acid manufacturing processes is a complex process to control and furthermore to model or simulate.


Nitric acid and ammonia

Whether considering the absorption of nitrous vapors to limit emissions and/or the production of nitric acid, the phenomena involved are complex to understand and to master. Their modeling requires very special skills and expertise.

For many years, experts from ProSim are working closely with manufacturers in this sector to enable them to increase their production efficiency, increase profitability, and be able to comply with new regulations.


ProSimPlus HNO3 software is dedicated to nitric acid production units and the oxidation-absorption of nitrous gases and has no equivalent on the market. ProSimPlus software is very efficient to simulate the production of ammonia.


Application Case:
Nitrogen based fertilizers
Nitric Acid
Nitrogen and synthetic gas
Nitrogen oxide



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