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Scientific Publications

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Good reporting practice for thermophysical and thermochemical property measurements (IUPAC Technical Report)

Scientific projects frequently involve measurements of thermophysical, thermochemical, and other related properties of chemical compounds and materials. These measured property data have significant potential value for the scientific community, but incomplete and inaccurate reporting often hampers their utilization. The present IUPAC Technical Report summarizes the needs of chemical engineers and researchers as consumers of these data and shows how publishing practices can improve information transfer. In the Report, general principles of Good Reporting Practice are developed together with examples illustrating typical cases of reporting issues. …

The GC-PPC-SAFT within ProSim: an industrially relevant tool

Jean-Charles de Hemptinne (a), J-P Passarello, R. Lugo, N. Ferrando, S. Massebeuf, O. Baudouin
(a) IFP Energies nouvelles, ProSim
ESAT 2014

Exergy Analysis within a Simulation and Optimization Software

P. Baudet, O. Baudouin, S. Déchelotte, P. Floquet, S. Gourmelon, X. Joulia, R. Hetreux, B Wincure
November 2013

Ethanol Dehydration Process Simulation with GC-PPC-SAFT

O. Baudouin, S. Déchelotte, N. Ferrando, J-C. de Hemptinne, R. Lugo , S. Massebeuf
October 2013

Ternary critical point determination of experimental demixion curve: calculation method, relevance…

The authors propose a method for calculating the composition of the invariant solution starting from the composition of the liquid phases in equilibrium.
C. Goutaudier, F. Bonnet, R. Tenu, O. Baudouin, J.J. Counioux
january 2013

Exergy Analysis within Process Simulation Software to Enhance Process Energy Management

P. Baudet, O. Baudouin, S. Déchelotte,P. Floquet, S. Gourmelon, A. Ghannadzadeh, X. Joulia, R. Thery-Hetreux, B. Wincure
Thermodynamik-Kolloquium – Potsdam (Germany) October, 2012

Process Simulation: The Need for an Advanced Thermophysical Calculation Server

O. Baudouin, S. Déchelotte, A. Vacher, B. Wincure (ProSim)
26e ESAT 2012 – Postdam (Allemagne), October 2012

Using Accurate Models for Process Modeling

Olivier Baudouin, Stéphane Déchelotte, Alain Vacher (ProSim)
JEEP2012 – March 2012


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