ProSim Suite

The power of all ProSim simulation software in one convenient, cost effective package!

ProSim Suite provides access to ProSim’s software for steady-state process simulation and optimization, thermodynamic calculations, batch process simulation, energy integration or more specific processes simulation.

Main features

Software versions included in ProSim Suite are the same versions as the ones purchased individually (full versions);

ProSim Suite license and individual software licenses included in ProSim Suite can be installed on the same network. In that case, the license of the individual software is taken first to allow all ProSim Suite software remaining available for other users;

If you have already subscribed to individual licenses for some ProSim Suite software, we may change your contract, even before it expires, to upgrade to ProSim Suite.

Broad coverage of various simulation needs

In general, you only invest in the software that you use regularly, which makes you unable to address more specific needs that may arise occasionally. ProSim Suite allows you to have at your disposal all the tools to simulate and optimize processes, which allows you to instantly address new needs, to access more specialized markets, to be more flexible, more reactive, to widen your offer of services…


Reduced total possession cost

If you need more than two major ProSim software, choosing ProSim Suite becomes more economical. Beyond licensing costs, subscription formulas allow you to benefit from all the MUTS services (maintenance, updating, training and support) that make your software more and better used. Access the high quality of ProSim support for all your process simulation tools.


Consistent calculations

All calculations are carried out with the same pure compounds property databases, the same thermodynamic models… which guarantees a perfect consistency of the results between the different software. Data transfers between the various tools become possible without risk of error.


Easy to purchase

You can order ProSim software package (ProSim Suite) at once. The administrative part of the purchase is reduced to a minimum: a single commercial negotiation, a single order, a single license agreement… The relationship with your vendor is easier and closer.


Reduced IT costs

Only one installation for all software on a computer or deployment on a company network for either initial or update installations. A single license to manage, common for all software included in ProSim Suite.


Faster adoption rate

The choice of ProSim Suite has the major advantage of having to be familiar with only one process simulation environment (similar MMI, same “DNA” between software, homogeneous approaches…). This reduces the learning phase and quickly makes all your teams efficient.


General Process Simulation

ProSimPlus: general steady-state process simulator.
ProSimPlus RBA: optional module for separation columns with Rate Based Approach mass transfer model in ProSimPlus.
ProSimPlus HNO3: steady-state nitric acid plants and nitrous vapors absorption columns process simulator.



Simulis Thermodynamics: pure substances and mixture thermodynamic properties and fluid phase equilibria calculations add-in (for a use in Excel, Matlab…)
ProPhyPlus: standalone software for thermodynamic properties and fluid phase equilibria calculations for pure components and mixtures, over a wide range of temperatures and pressures.


Batch Process Simulation

BatchColumn: simulator of batch distillation columns, delivered with an equipment database management tool (Simulis Technologies).
BatchReactor: simulator of batch reactors, delivered with a kinetic parameters fitting tool (Simulis Kinetics) and with an equipment database management tool (Simulis Technologies).


Chemical Reactions

Simulis Kinetics: module for the identification of kinetic parameters from concentration or calorimetric experimental data.


Energy Efficiency

Simulis Pinch: water and energy savings in industrial processes.


Dynamic Simulation

ProSim DAC: adsorption column dynamic simulator.
ProSim DEP: dynamic simulator of vessel depressurization.




Note: all software can be used in English and French.