Energy audits


ProSim is putting its many years of expertise at your disposal to analyse and identify potential energy savings in your processes. Whether you don’t have the time nor the resources to conduct a detailed energy audit by yourself internally, ProSim can do it for you.

ProSim, which began this activity in 1992, is one of the few teams that have been able to gain such an important experience. Since many years, ProSim engineers have been conducting numerous energy audits on different processes and in many industries, including industries that are not strictly speaking “chemicals” such as food processing, pulp & paper,… to improve the energy efficiency of processes and reduce the overall energy bills.

Pinch analysis


Pinch analysis is a methodology for reducing energy consumption of processes by calculating thermodynamically feasible energy targets (or minimum energy consumption) and achieving them by optimizing heat recovery systems, energy supply methods and process operating conditions. It is also known as “process integration”, “heat integration”, “energy integration” or “pinch technology”. Applying pinch analysis to industrial processes results in substantial financial savings.

Our experience indicates that when our studies show a potential to reduce energy costs by 30 to 40% because all possible energy-saving approaches are considered, your engineers will implement the most convenient and easily implemented recommendations, and consequently the energy cost savings of 20% is achieved in reality. For an “average” industrial installation, this represents a savings of about 4t/h of steam, which represents an annual savings of approximately 800,000€ per year. The payback period for manufacturers who entrusted ProSim with pinch analysis of their processes has been shown to be very short.

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Simulis Pinch Composite Curve in excel - pinch analysis









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