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1. Getting Started with ProSimPlus: Graphical user interface – Process Simulation


2. Getting Started with ProSimPlus: Thermodynamics and compounds – Process Simulation


3. Getting Started with ProSimPlus: The unit systems – Process Simulation


4. Getting Started with ProSimPlus: The First Flowsheet – Process Simulation


Use of HTRI software within ProSimPlus environment thanks to CAPE-OPEN


WEBINAR: Transcritical CO2 refrigeration cycles simulation with ProSimPlus software


WEBINAR: ‘Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) power plant simulation


Easy thermodynamic calculations in Excel with Simulis Thermodynamics – ProSim


WEBINAR : Design, Analysis and Optimization of Batch Distillation Processes

Prerequisites for a good pinch analysis with Simulis Pinch


Run an energy diagnostic with Simulis Pinch from ProSim


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