Chemicals & Pharmaceutical

The fine chemical industry now faces new challenges from its customers in terms of very specific needs, small volumes and specific production cycles. For products with high added value, manufacturing processes rely on severe reactive units, with enhanced constraints related to the safety of operation for toxic, ecotoxic and allergen products (drugs, pesticides, dyes, flavoring and cosmetics).

Chemicals & Pharmaceutical

Fine & specialty chemicals

Fine chemicals & specialty chemicals include the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients, pesticides, pigments, essential oils and fragrances, cosmetics, explosives, paints, varnishes, inks, glues and adhesives or detergents. Their synthesis often involves several steps traditionally performed in batch reactors and then a final purification process. Although the volume produced is low and the value of the final product is high, particular attention must be paid to the manufacturing process.

We work proactively with the market leaders to better understand the characteristics of their processes and the possible improvement directions in terms of operational safety, product quality and operating costs, for all the scale-up phases from the laboratory, to the pilot plant then to the industrial unit.

The ProSimPlus software has all the features necessary to understand the overall of a continuous manufacturing process in order to optimize the operating conditions, even when dealing with a complex chemistry. The BatchColumn software was specifically designed for the optimization of batch distillation processes. BatchReactor is the perfect software to accelerate the production setup phases and introduction of the new product to market while ensuring operational safety.


Our solutions are mainly used:

  • To implement and optimize manufacturing processes
  • To accelerate scale-up projects, from laboratory bench to pilot and full-scale plants
  • For safety studies through simulation of breakdowns and of strongly exothermic reactions
  • To determine thermophysical properties of substances (raw materials, products and by-products)
  • To better determine how to recycle used solvents
  • To reduce costs through optimization of operating conditions


Application Case:

  • Toll manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry
  • Multi-product facilities
  • Batch reaction
  • Calorimetric reactors
  • Batch distillation
  • Solvent swaps


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