Natural gas is an important raw material for the chemical and petrochemical industry. It enables the production of hydrogen, methanol and ammonia, which are basic products used in the fertilizer industry, plastics, resins and solvents. Shale gas has experienced considerable growth in some countries, including the United States, for several years. The appropriate treatment of these gases to meet the market’s specifications is an important issue for the gas industry.

Natural gas tank

Gas compression

Gas compression operations, whether it is natural gas, industrial gas, or simply air, require a solid knowledge of gas properties and thermodynamic behavior. The world’s leaders in the gas compression industry base their compressors calculations on the thermodynamics library of ProSim, often through the integration of Simulis Thermodynamics (a calculation server for thermophysical properties and phase equilibria calculations) in their own equipment design software.

Application Case: Gas Compression

Cryogenics and gas liquefaction

Operations for gas liquefaction and more generally cryogenic processes, such as separation of air gases, are areas where a good modeling of physical phenomena is critical. This is an area of excellence for ProSim, thanks to its ProSec simulation software dedicated to multi-fluid brazed plate fin heat exchangers which is the critical unit operation for the liquefaction of gases and cryogenic processes. ProSimPlus software, which also includes the simulation of multi-fluid brazed plate fin heat exchangers and the thermodynamic server Simulis Thermodynamics is particularly suitable for the design and optimization of the operation of these units.

Application Case: LNG liquefaction NGL recovery

Gas treatment

Major players of the gas industry use the software ProSimPlus to design the gas processing units (desulfurization, drying …), optimize efficiency and meet new environmental requirements. They particularly appreciate the thermodynamic models available to model the amines washes, TEG or with other solvents. A good convergence in the simulation of these highly interconnected processes is a strength within our solutions. Adsorption processes (activated carbon for example) or chromatography can be analyzed with the ProSim DAC software dedicated to the dynamic simulation of the adsorption columns (gas-solid).

Application Case: Amines washes Desulfurization TEG Dehydration Adsorption on activated carbon Chromatography


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