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January 2017

Booked contracts increased over 65% in 2016         Modeling of Divided Wall Columns (DWC)          Scale-up of batch reactor with BatchReactor software        Nitric acid industry: collaboration in process simulation between ProSim and Johson Matthey Plc.        Ariane and CBE, utilities management software, now handled by Proesis          New application examples

March 2015

The latest software from ProSim: Simulis Pinch    •   European simulation experts join forces     •    Business development in Spain & Portugal   •  Fives Cryo uses ProSec & Simulis Thermodynamics      •     What is new with our training courses     •    Product updates - Make sure you have the latest version!

March 2014

•  ProSimPlus new features  •   Release of the 2.0 version of Simulis Thermodynamics   •  ProSim DAC, dynamic adsorption column simulation   •  A new DIPPR database  •  Software updates

August 2013

•  Exergy calculations in ProSim's environment    •  Simulis Thermodynamics updates   •    ProSimPlus updates   •  Coupling of optimization software, ARIANE, with a data reconciliation software  •   Minimizing energy consumption of processes with pinch analysis    •   Simulis Thermodynamics available in Russian     •   Predictive thermodynamic models for the molecules derived from biomass   •  Bernard Koehret, founder of ProSim, receives France's highest award, the Legion of Honor   •  Software updates

December 2012

 •    New features in Simulis Thermodynamics   •    The Total Normandy Refinery calls on ProSim to optimize its utilities production   •    ProSim receives the CAPE-OPEN Award   •   R&D project: COOPERE   •    New Online Store   •    Software upadtes: make sure you have the last version!

September 2012

•    New unit operation modules in ProSimPlus     •    New ProSimPlus examples available for download from     •    MEMOBIOL Project     •    ProSim is now in India & China      •    ProSim joins two competitive clusters     •    New Support website     •    Software updates

April 2012

    ProSim announces the release of the new BatchColumn        New application example with ProSimPlus         ProSim starts a new R & D project on energy efficiency of processes        Product Updates - Make sure you have the latest version!        ProSim shows off a brighter logo        ProSim's Alternative solutions make their way around the world        Agenda: training & events      

December 2011

   ProSim announces the new release of BatchReactor       Run Sensitivity studies with the last version of ProSimPlus        Product Updates - Make sure you have the latest version        ProSim 2012 Training Calendar        Upcoming events        ProSim joined Aerospace Valley     

July 2011

  ProSim opens a subsidiary in the United States       ProSim software news (new BatchReactor...)      New thermodynamic models       Save the dates! Upcoming training sessions calendar       Events       Join the ProSim Users Group on Linkedin       About ProSim    

September 2010

  Significant evolutions in ProSimPlus        ProSim signs a distribution agreement with NTP Truboprovod for Russia        TEG Dehydration with ProSimPlus       New licensing options for ProSim Software        Xavier Joulia elected Co-Director of LGC       Upcoming training sessions calendar       Join the ProSim Users Network group on LinkedIn       ProSim's Alternative solutions make their way around the world        About ProSim