Fives Cryo uses ProSec and Simulis Thermodynamics

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Fives Cryo uses ProSec and Simulis Thermodynamics to get optimal design of its manufactured plate fin heat exchangers

ProSec is a software dedicated to the simulation of multi-stream plate fin heat exchangers commonly used in cryogenic processes (air liquefaction, LNG …). ProSec is able to model the full complexity of this type of equipment and offer the user ability to model the various possibilities to combine the hot and cold fluids in order to reduce capital and production costs.
A rigorous and accurate calculation of the thermo-physical properties of the fluids flowing into these heat exchangers (phase change temperature, specific heat, viscosity…) is required. This is the role of Simulis Thermodynamics.

The combination of these two software allows Fives Cryo to design efficient equipment. 

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