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Does BatchReactor take into account all type of reactions?

BatchReactor includes several pre-coded kinetic models for liquid, liquid-vapor and liquid-solid reactions. Biochemical reactions are also taken into account. It is also possible to define a user defined kinetic model. The connection between the user model and the software is done through a Dynamic Link Library.

How is a chemical reaction defined?

By a reactional scheme (stoichiometric coefficients), a kinetic model and its parameters. If you do not know the kinetic parameter values, BatchReactor can calculate these parameters from experimental data (concentration or calorimetric data).

What is the level of detail in the reactor description?

Several levels of detail are possible. You choose how much detail to enter based on the needed accuracy and time available. In the most detailed configuration, you can describe the vessel shape, type of agitator, heating/cooling system (partial pipes, jacket, external heat exchangers…) and the service fluid.


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