Introduction to Simulis Pinch and pinch analysis

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Level 1


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This level 1 training course will enable participants to master the fundamental principles of the pinch method and its practice through Simulis Pinch Energy for the synthesis of heat exchangers networks.

At the end of the training session, participants will have the required elements to:
• Quantify the energy performance of a process and optimize it.
• Easily perform thermal pinch method (« pinch technology ») in order to compare actual heating and cooling utilities against targets to eliminate unnecessary energy use (achieve an energy audit).
• Conceive optimal heat exchangers networks to improve energy recovery and global energy efficiency of processes.

Ultimately they will have a practical experience of the Energy module of Simulis Pinch software allowing them to effectively practice the knowledge acquired during the training.

Who should attend?

This training session is designed for engineers involved in conception, optimization and analysis of processes and for those in charge of the efficiency of a process. This session is very relevant for engineers facing the energy challenges: energy managers, energy auditors, eco-efficient facilities designers.


  1. Introduction:
    1. Context
    2. Energy integration of processes
  2. Pinch method:
    1. Theory of the energy pinch method
    2. Energy diagnostic of processes
  3. Simulis Pinch:
    1. Software overview
    2. Synthesis of heat exchangers network (theory and practice)



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Cost and Conditions

  • ProSim is a certified training center.

Training organization

  • Duration: one day on site or 2 half days online
  • Material: one computer by participant is recommended
  • Approach: The training course consists in theoretical lectures and applications exercises. A number of concrete case studies are discussed.
  • Location: you choose the location for the training course (on-site, ProSim's office...)
  • Software: Simulis Pinch


  • Background in chemical engineering / process engineering
  • Background in energy efficiency
  • Basic knowledge in software utilization in windows environment


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