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Frequently asked questions about our license system, our software… If you don't find the answer to your question, use our contact form.

 License system

What is a license?

A license is a file which provides the information required to authorize or deny the right to use a protected software. Each license is generated for a specific software and a specific computer. Consequently licenses can only be installed on the computer they were created for and there can be only one valid license per software on the same computer.

The license also refers to a company, a department or a user.


What type of licenses are available?

The license system integrated in most ProSim software is called ProSim License Manager. It allows different types of licenses:

- "Trial" license: temporary license which is installed automatically with the software, and which can be installed only once on the same computer;

- "Local" license (or standalone): license which allows the utilization of the software on a unique computer.

- "Network" license (or client/server) (LAN or WAN): a license which can be shared among several users through a network. The software is installed on an unlimited number of computers and the license is installed on the server. The license manages a pre-defined number of simultaneous accesses.

The Network license can be "Borrowable". The borrowing function creates a license (called "Borrowed") for a specific user, on a specific computer. This allows the software to be used without being connected to the server. Borrowing a license reduces the number of possible simultaneous accesses on the network license by one unit. 


How to activate a license?

When first installing a ProSim application, a Trial license is automatically installed which is valid for 10 days, from installation date.

To obtain the license that corresponds to the duration of your acquisition agreement, you need to request the license from ProSim. This procedure is described in the ProSim License Manager user's guide.