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Best practice guidelines for process simulation

Good Practice Guidelines for Practising Engineers in the Use of Computer Software in the Design of Process Plant.
Computers are indispensable in the design and operation of process plant, and engineering simulation is a must-have task on anyone’s to-do-list who wants to save time and money and get its process right.

Electrolytic Systems Treatment

The representation of the thermodynamic properties and fluid phase equilibria of electrolytic solutions is particularly complex due to the nature of the involved phenomena: partial or total dissociation, acid-base reactions, volatile components .
We have developed, validated and integrated specific models dedicated to these solutions.


Estimation of pure component physical properties with only few data

Using a computer to simulate and design chemical processes requires analytical expressions to access the main thermodynamic state variables (temperature, pressure…) and transport properties (viscosity, thermal conductivity and diffusion coefficient).


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