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ProSim’s training courses become part of maintenance agreement free of charge

The scheduled training sessions proposed by ProSim, the process simulation software house, are now included in new maintenance agreements without any additional charge.

The aim of this original offer is to provide ProSim customers with all possible means to make the most of their software. This proves particularly useful when acquiring a new software but also when training new employees or refreshing competencies of less frequent users. “The quality of the services we provide to users of our software has always been at the heart of our strategy” emphasizes Stephane Dechelotte, CEO of ProSim. He also reminds that “any software, as powerful and recognized as it may be, has no value if it is not regularly or properly used”.

From now on, maintenance agreements that are proposed with the software licenses include Maintenance, Updates, Training and Support Services (MUTS Services) as well as an access to a secured web resource center. Companies that choose to subscribe to MUTS Services will be able to register as many members of its personnel as desired (within available seats for each session) to the scheduled training sessions that ProSim organizes regularly and that are related to the software covered by the agreement. It is the same for universities and public research centers, within the context of teaching or research software licensing agreements.

These courses are organized around ProSim’s major areas of expertise: thermodynamics, simulation or model development. The fields covered correspond to ProSim software range and include steady-state processes, batch chemical reactors and distillation columns, optimization of power plants, utilization and programming with Simulis software components. Common issues are covered and illustrated with case studies and applications with one or several software. These sessions are also a great opportunity to interact informally with our experts and other software users. The session calendar and detailed agenda are available on the ProSim website ( It is also to be noted that ProSim is an approved training organisation and that sessions are conducted by experienced personnel that have in-depth knowledge on the topic.

These scheduled training sessions can be completed with specific on-demand customized trainings which content is defined according to a particular requirement and which can be held at the customer premises.

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