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Uhde chooses ProSimPlus HNO3 for the optimization of their plants

Uhde GmbH, a leading plant engineering and construction company, has chosen the ProSimPlus HNO3 software to enhance the process of the nitric acid production plants they design.

Through modelling and simulation of the production process the plants can be precisely tailored to customer requirements, thus increasing plant profitability and minimizing investment risk.
"ProSimPlus HNO3 is a modern tool that allows us to test new plant configurations quickly, thereby saving time in the design phase," explained Rainer Maurer, Head of Process Group Nitric Acid, Fertiliser Division.

ProSimPlus HNO3 is specifically dedicated to nitric acid production and nitrous vapour absorption processes, which involve particularly complex physical and chemical phenomena. They include in particular nitrogen monoxide oxidation, nitrogen dioxide dimerization and nitrogen oxides absorption in nitric acid aqueous solutions. ProSimPlus HNO3 provides a specific thermodynamic package that includes a complete database of the pure components involved in these processes, the appropriate thermodynamic models, and the correlations for calculation of reaction, dimerization or equilibrium constants. These unique features, that enable the user to quickly build up an accurate simulation, have led Uhde to put aside most of the general simulation packages available on the market.

Evaluation of the software by Uhde was conducted by testing different operating modes (load variation, summer, winter operations.), in particular on a dual pressure unit process (the Uhde dual-pressure process). The results from ProSimPlus HNO3 were compared to those generated by the in-house software and proved to be consistent. "The reliability of the results and the easiness of convergence were key elements that convinced us of the robustness of ProSimPlus HNO3", added Mr. Maurer. Last but not least, the ProSim support team also proved its ability to provide quick answers and to respond efficiently to demands throughout the evaluation period. This element allowed Uhde to consider future collaboration with ProSim with confidence and to envisage the complete replacement of their in-house software with ProSimPlus HNO3.

About Uhde GmbH
Uhde is a company in the Technologies segment of the ThyssenKrupp Group and has a workforce of more than 4,300 employees worldwide. The company's activities focus on the design and construction of chemical and other industrial plants in the following fields: refining technologies, plants for fertilisers, organic intermediates, polymers and synthetic fibres, electrolysis plants, gas technologies, plants for oil, coal and residue gasification, coke plant technologies and pharmaceuticals.

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About ProSim
ProSim is an independent company, founded in 1989, with its headquarters in Labège (Toulouse - France). The company provides state of the art simulation and optimization software that allows process industries to increase their efficiency and their return on investment. ProSim solutions are designed for applications in the chemical, the refining, the gas treatment and the specialties chemical industries as well as in the pharmaceutical, the food processing and the energy industries. Its activities also comprise engineering process consulting and custom software development.
ProSim solutions are used to improve process design, increase plant efficiency and reduce their impact on environment. Thanks to long term partnerships with major research centres and to substantial investment in R&D, ProSim continuously develops innovative software and has become a recognised player on the international market. The success of the company comes from the efficiency and the robustness of the solutions and of the calculation packages it proposes, but also from the quality of the services it provides.
The expertise and the know-how of ProSim personnel covers vast domains, including thermodynamics, physico-chemical phenomenon modelling, process simulation, energy integration, optimization techniques, numerical methods, software architecture, and GUI development.
ProSim is active in 43 countries around the world, with over 500 customers among which major actors like Axens, Air Liquide, Akzo Nobel, Alfa Laval, Arkema, Braskem, Ciba, Cognis, EDF, Linde, Pharmacia, Praxair, Schering, Sintef, Sanofi-Synthelabo, Technip, Total or Wacker.

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