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The financial situation of ProSim is very sound and its credit worthiness is good as shown by the ratings given by the various financial information providers.

To reach its goals, the strategy of the management team is long term, rigorous, and focused on building durable relationships with its customers. Since its creation in 1989, company sales have constantly increased. In recent years, this trend has accelerated. In 2011, sales revenues progressed by more than 17% compared to the previous year. This appreciable increase in activity was achieved without penalizing profitability as shown by a net income after taxes reaching 8.9% of sales.

This management style, with its focus on durability, enables the company to exhibit today a solid balance sheet, insuring perpetuation of the company. All fiscal years since 2001 show a profit (net income after taxes). The net assets of the company are much higher than the amount of its share capital.

The liquid assets of the company are high and debt remains very low. At the end of the last financial year (2011), debts and loans were lower than 1.1% of the stockholders' equity.

ProSim has the means required to support its growth.

ProSim's management is always described “as honest and sincere” by the auditors of the company (KPMG). Its annual statements adhere to the rules and principles enforced in France, which systematically provides a true representation of the results of operations in addition to the financial and patrimonial position of the company (see latest auditors' certificate).

Furthermore, the French tax authorities, in its detailed audit, confirmed the clarity of the accounts of the company (see DGI letter).

Customer confidence is high. It is noted today that major companies in the oil and chemicals industries give up their current software to choose ProSim solutions. To reinforce this tendency great efforts continue to be realized to increase the reputation of the company by investing in marketing and commercial development.

In parallel, the very important investments carried out in Research and Development in recent years, allow for a very good positioning of ProSim's products on the market. This investment in R & D will continue in order to consolidate the technological advance of ProSim's products, in particular to achieve a fully components based software architecture and to reinforce ProSim's position in the oil, gas and energy markets.

The financial stability and the rigorous management make it possible for ProSim to build long term relationships with its customers.

Administrative data:

ProSim is an Incorporated (Public Limited Company) company with a board of directors. The majority of its shares are held by individuals (see distribution of the capital).

  • Registration number: 350 476 487 RCS Toulouse
  • Registration date: May 9, 1989
  • Capital of the company: 189400 €
  • APE code: 5829 C
  • Registered office: 51, rue Ampère
    Immeuble Stratège A
    F-31670 Labège
  • VAT Number: FR 10 350 476 487
  • SIRET: 350 476 487 00037
  • D-U-N-S® Number: 38 108 2049