The associated services: Maintenance, Updates, Training and Support (MUTS)

Along with its software, Fives ProSim offers a large number of services that allow you to make the most of ProSim’s solutions.


MAINTENANCE: correction of all errors discovered and reported that materially affect the performance, functionality, or other significant features of the software product.


UPDATES: supply of software updates as soon as they are made commercially available by Fives ProSim. It is for you the guarantee to use the latest technologies and to spread out the update cost over several years. Updates may include new developments, improvements in program efficiency and reliability, new documentation, and corrections.


TRAINING: training courses are organized around Fives ProSim’s major areas of expertise: thermodynamics, simulation or model development. Common issues are covered and illustrated with case studies and applications with one or several software. These sessions are also a great opportunity to interact informally with our experts and other software users. The session calendar and detailed agenda are available on this website. The MUTS program includes the level 1 training courses related to the software in the customer’s contract and that are organized by Fives ProSim.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT (hot-line): off-site support in the form of consultations, help, defect correction, advice and assistance on the use and maintenance of the software product. Typical technical support questions include:

  • installation of the software product, including hardware changes or operating system evolution,
  • questions about license management,
  • choice of thermodynamic methods to be used,
  • simulation convergence problems,
  • hints and tips for using efficiently the software product.


Questions involving process engineering, development of simulation models and similar work may also be treated, at Fives ProSim’s discretion, as beyond the scope of the hot-line service. Fives ProSim will have qualified technical experts available to answer your questions and do their best to solve your problems in the shortest delay. This service gives you direct access to specialized experts, for instance, in thermodynamic or numerical methods fields.


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