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Free Downloads: free simulation tools for thermodynamic calculations, properties calculation, ternary diagram plotting tool, calculation of kinetic parameters, Simulis Thermodynamics, RegCin ...

Free Tools

ProSim Ternary Diagram

Ternary diagram plotting tool [ 2,5Mb ]

A simple and efficient application to draw ternary diagrams of three components mixtures from experimental data.

  - Plot series of points or segments, and surfaces defined by a series of points,
  - Adjust the opaqueness of the series of the surface,
  - Choose the shape of your diagram (triangle or rectangle, rotate, change axis),
  - Customize the visual aspect of your diagram (header, footer, axis, colors, dot size,...),
  - Select graph points with your mouse and zoom on the diagram,
  - Export your diagram in .bmp, .gif, .jpeg... and the associated data in text.



Calculation of kinetic parameters [ 0,5Mb ]

This interactive software allows to calculate the frequency factor and the activation energy for given values of kinetic constant at several temperatures, following the Arrhénius expression.
The results can be used in BatchReactor to enter initialization values when you are in the kinetic fitting mode. This calculation program is delivered with BatchReactor.      

Simulis® Conversions

Physical dimensions unit conversion management tool [ 11Mb ]

This component can be plugged in any application that manipulates physical quantities in order to easily manage associated units. Simulis Conversions can be easily enriched with new sizes and/or units in order to cover different fields of process engineering.


A very convenient list of frequently used formulae : Conversion formulae for solutions having concentrations expressed in various ways