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ProSim is making these application examples available to you to demonstrate how our simulation solutions are able to handle the different processes encountered in the chemical industries.

Note: these files are provided "as is" without any warranty of any nature whatsoever. ProSim does not warrant that the functions contained in the programs are error free nor that they will meet user's requirements. ProSim makes no warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to, any warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. ProSim shall have no responsibility or liability for damages arising out of or related to the delivery, use, efficiency, or suitability of these examples or the application of the results.

With Simulis Thermodynamics

The examples presented below are designed to illustrate the use of Simulis Thermodynamics for different types of calculation, in MS-Excel. Far from being complete this list demonstrates the capabilities of the software in terms of flexibility and reliability.
To run these examples, you need to have a valid version of Simulis Thermodynamics installed on your computer. Once the example is open, you need to "force calculation" to view the results.

Download a trial version of Simulis Thermodynamics and test the software.

Double pipe (single phase) heat exchanger

Calculates the length of a double pipe heat exchanger at given input and output temperature of the process fluid.


Calculate the necessary number of plates in a distillation column to separate two given substances, for given separation specification, reflux ratio and pressure      

Pressure relief valves

Determine the maximum mass flux for a valve according to the range of pressure defined by the user and compute the relief valve nozzle (orifice) size.

Steam electric boiler

Determine the necessary water input flowrate to obtain a specified vapor flowrate using a steam electric boiler      

Water pump

Calculate the power of a pump and the output temperature from given input temperature, input and output pressure.      

Steam expander

Calculate the power generated by an expander and the output temperature from given input temperature, pressure and fixed output pressure.