R&D collaborative projects

This is about using the software in the context of a Research & Development project involving several partners, including at least one company and benefiting from public support (ANR, ADEME, OSEO, FUI, European programs …).

To be eligible for the “R&D collaborative project” mention, a project must fulfil the 2 following criteria:

  • to associate a company and at least one of the following research partners: public laboratory, university or college, organization specializing in technology transfers;
  • to receive public financing.


The use of ProSim’s simulation software in this very specific context then leads to the following commitments:

  • to use the software only in the context of this collaborative project;
  • to mention and quote ProSim in the publications issued from the project;
  • to register (at no cost) one or more persons involved in the project to ProSim’s software training organized by ProSim (see training calendar) for each software used in the first year of its use;
  • to ensure (as much as possible) the promotion of the software;
  • not to develop a software similar to our solution.


ProSim will offer very attractive prices for using the software within R&D collaborative projets.

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