Exergy calculations in ProSim’s environment

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New features have been added to Simulis Thermodynamics, our tool for mixture properties and fluid phase equilibria calculations. In particular, the ability to compute exergy and its derivative. As Simulis Thermodynamics is the “core” of all ProSim software, these thermodynamic modeling enhancements are immediately available in the entire ProSim software suite.

Exergy, also known as “available energy” or “useful energy”, is a valuable indicator when considering the reduction of process energy consumption. Combining the First and Second Law of thermodynamics, exergy is a valuable tool for analysis and design of new processes. In particular, in the context of sustainable development, optimization of existing processes or design of new processes with high energy performance, this concept has a growing interest. The exergy of a material stream is defined as “the maximum recoverable work when the stream changes from its current state (called “state process”) to its environmental condition using a reversible process including only interactions with the environment.”
New functions have been added in Simulis Thermodynamics to calculate the exergy of a stream and quantify its chemical and physical components.

ProSim is the only process simulation environment to allow this type of calculation, which makes it an ideal tool for the analysis of the energy efficiency of processes.


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